The Seduction Science System, 3rd Edition by Derek Vitalio - electronic book version

“A Surefire, Scientific System for Attracting Beautiful Women, Regardless of Your Looks… That ANY Ordinary Guy Can Use to Control His Sexual Destiny”

Have any of these situations ever happened to you?

  • You saw a girl on the street you really wanted to meet, but you just didn’t know how to approach her.

  • You were having a “normal” (in other words, boring) conversation with a girl, but you didn’t know how to turn it into sexual attraction or interest?

  • You finally met a girl you really liked, but she only thought of you “as a friend”.

  • You began talking to a girl and had chemistry with her, but you had no idea what made it work.

  • You were hanging out with a woman and you just knew this was the time to kiss her… but you had no idea how to “make your move”?

  • You finally began dating a girl that you really liked, yet she fell out of interest for you, and you felt helpless to turn things around.

  • You had a girlfriend or wife who cheated on you behind your back.

  • You knew a beautiful girl who was with a “player” or a “bad boy jerk” who was bad for her.

How to “Cheat” the Game
So That You Win Over
and Over…

       Listen, my name is Derek Vitalio and I know exactly how you feel.

      I’ve had every same frustration, set-back, fear, and regret not so long ago.

      To begin with, I had NO IDEA how to meet all the beautiful women who crossed my path.

      I could hardly even meet a woman, and when I did I always ended up the night alone after spending a lot of money on a date that went nowhere.

      And it really SUCKED.

      You feel like you have no power in your life- even if you have all the money in the world.

      You feel a distraction and hunger that seems to overshadow everything else in your life.

      You feel lonely and like a failure.

      I can’t tell you how many opportunities I’ve blown with women in the past… it hurts just thinking about it.

      I bet you too know what it feels like to be surrounded by beautiful women everywhere you go – but have no idea how to successfully meet and attract them.

      The problem is that most guys don’t really meet women at all.

      Instead, they eye women from afar, WISHING they could talk to her but having no idea of what to say or do… so they end up doing nothing at all.

      They “hover” around her and HOPE that by the grace of God or chance that SOMETHING will happen.

      They think of reasons NOT to talk to her, telling themselves, “she's probably taken” or “what if she's not friendly.”

      That’s why most guys end up with a girl not of their choice - or no girl at all.

      But what if you were natural at attracting women, just by being you and without even really trying, so that you never had to work to attract women or worry about what to do or say next?

The Universal System for
Attracting Women

      It’s been over four years now since I first released the original Seduction Science System, and since then THOUSANDS of truth-seeking guys have used my system to explode their success with beautiful women.

      So I decided to RE-DO the complete system into an audio version, and work in all the NEW stuff that I’ve learned over the past few years.

      My new, completely updated book breaks down seduction from start to finish into a linear, sequential process – a linear process that applies to all situations and all women, but especially aimed for seducing the most beautiful ones.

      This program will turn “hit and miss luck” with beautiful women into consistent, repeatable, and sure-fire success so that you work on “autopilot” and make beautiful women part of your everyday life.

      Imagine confidently walking into any bar, club, bookstore, coffee shop, mall, of street, approach the most attractive women, and leave with two or three or more phone numbers or dates - not the kind of numbers that lead nowhere, but numbers of girls who are waiting for your call.

What this Program
is NOT...

      I don’t give you vague advice like “have the right attitude”.

      I don’t give you hypnotic scripts that take hours to memorize and don’t take into account your own personality.

      I don’t give you wishy-washy, men’s magazine “dating advice.”

      And I DON’T assume that you have great looks or experience with women either.

      I WILL show you how to eliminate every roadblock you have to success… removing all of the fear, shyness, hesitation, and negativity you have and replacing them with an easily learned, attractive, inviting attitude and charisma that women will love to be around, no matter how old you are or what you look like.

      I WILL show you HOW to change yourself at the very CORE of who you are so that you emanate the right attitude from every inch of your skin within just a few weeks (rather than months or even years), that ANY guy can use to make powerful, lasting changes that will impact women right away, no matter what problems you’ve faced up to now.

      And if you want the real, in-field “battle-tested” methods that give you an unfair advantage every night consistently, then you’re in the right place.

      Of course, you also need a scientific, cohesive system for delivering results. You need a fool-proof formula for success - whether you want a one night stand, a discreet affair, or a beautiful girlfriend - that will work every time you apply it like clockwork.

      Thankfully, there is a fool-proof formula - one that took me YEARS of trial and error and figuring things out the HARD way.

      And I’ve put it all together in the ULTIMATE collection, packed into 370 pages!

      In this book you’ll learn DOZENS of step-by-step strategies and techniques for meeting women, for holding conversations, for attracting the hottest women you come across, for making women compete over YOU, for getting phone numbers and dates from women who normally reject most guys, and tested techniques for getting women back to your place and her clothes off.

Here’s Just a Few of the
Things You’ll Learn

  • How to attract a woman without having to “trick her” and staying true to your own personality and self.

  • The essential list of inner beliefs and neuron-associations of guys who are super successful with women, and how to get these inner beliefs yourself

  • How to recruit a woman’s friends to actually have them HELP you seduce her

  • “Sexual accelerators” that help turn any boring conversation into a fun and sexual interaction

  • How to take the best traits of the “player” for triggering instant attraction that average guys lack and without being an abusive jerk

  • How women subconsciously classify men between “sexy” and “loser” and how you can cheat their classification
  • system

  • The keys to reprogramming your brain from the ground up so that your natural thought process HELPS you rather than hijacks your efforts

  • How to smoothly kiss a woman that eliminates any chance of rejection

  • What to do and say to give women a rush of positive energy within the first minute of meeting her so that she’s in a great mood the whole time you talk to her

  • The common blunders that “average” guys make that kill their chances. If you’ve been having trouble, most likely you’re committing at least one or more of these as well.

  • How to approach prudish "Madonna" beauty queens and unleash the sexy woman inside of her

  • How to transform women that look unapproachable and frigid into women that are laughing, hugging you, and trying to get your attention

  • How to deliver a compliment opener the RIGHT way, as to take her breath away and yet won't make you come across as a supplicating ass-kisser

  • The one way NOT to physically approach a woman and why so many men crash and burn before they even open their mouths because of this one mistake!

  • How to express your sexual interest to women without EVER being rejected

  • How to get several women COMPETING over you (it’s easier than you think) and how to put that competition into a continuing, self-reinforcing cycle

  • Why most guys FAIL at the bar and nightclub scene, and how to turn “the game” on its head to work to your advantage.

  • The fastest way to get physical with a woman, within just seconds after meeting her

  • What you MUST do when meeting a woman (skip just one or two of these steps and you’re sunk)

  • How to “hijack” a woman’s evolutionary programming so that she’ll choose you over the other guys

  • How to bring up sexual themes in a conversation and getting a positive response from the woman every time

  • How to eliminate your shyness for good so that you can approach women without fear and hesitation and eliminate that nagging voice of hesitation in your head that holds you back

  • The drawbacks of certain approaches and why they can backfire on the most beautiful women

  • What to do with a woman once you get her back to your place

  • How to remain playfully relaxed and centered in the presence of beautiful women so you can easily know exactly what to say and what to do

  • How to bypass a woman’s defenses so she doesn't even realize you’re picking her up - until it’s “too late” and you’re already "in"

  • The only thing you must do to avoid coming across as a sleazy “player”

  • What 99% of guys do wrong in getting numbers and how to get them right way so that you eliminate “flaking” and phony numbers

  • How to quickly and seamlessly separate a beautiful woman from her group of friends

  • How to go on a date with a woman without even asking for her number (and much more effective too)

  • How to meet women WITHOUT “pickup lines” and jump right into the conversation instead

  • How to give a woman that “I have to have him” feeling that she normally only gets from celebrities, the rich, and super good looking

  • Typical, but not “obvious” mistakes guys make that get them shot down instantly, and what to do to avoid them

  • How to make ANY “line” or “routine” work, even if she’s already heard it before

  • Ways to start up a conversation on the street or in a bar that work EVERY time

  • Learn to master conversation and storytelling in a way that makes women HANG on your every word

  • How to turn a woman on with “sexual tension” and has her thinking about you even AFTER you leave

  • How to turn around a “bad” approach so that mistakes actually work in your favor

  • The secret to getting out of a “rut” and back into the game with women

  • How to spark SEXUAL chemistry with a woman within the first few minutes… and some easy ways for doing so

  • How to instantly flip between feeling quiet and subdued in one moment to talkative and dynamic in the next

  • The secret of how to instantly "amp up" a woman’s sexual feelings times ten

  • How to banish “approach anxiety” so that you’ll be able to approach and meet any woman in any social situation

  • The steps to getting a woman incredibly turned on within 15 minutes once she’s back at your place… and how to get her clothes off

  • Lots of tested, proven, fail-safe openers you can use right away to open attractive women TONIGHT

  • How to handle phone conversations and the dynamite #1 technique you MUST employ to have her fall in love with you by phone

  • How to tell if a woman wants to get laid for a one night stand and how to read the signs

  • My secret of using an every day digital camera to get a woman kissing you and get her clothes off

  • How to first touch a woman in a way that sends her heart racing and makes her see you as a sexual guy

  • How to banish negative thinking and that internal voice of “self-talk” that’s always holding you back

  • How to get a beautiful woman that’s “out of your league”, even if you’re not handsome, rich, and someone she’d normally consider as a date

  • What 99 out of a 100 guys do that shoots down their chances as soon as they open their mouths… and how to easily avoid this common mistake

  • How to touch a woman once you get her into the bedroom so that you don’t encounter “last minute resistance” but rather have a hot bundle of fireworks on your hands

  • Word-for-word openers that you can easily memorize and work with groups of women, and even when the women are with other men

  • How to make women work for your approval so that they feel the need to chase and compete over you (something that beautiful women normally to do men)

  • Determine what kind of woman she is sexually and energetically from a distance, before you even approach her

  • Use palm reading to instantly open women for any kind of social situation from the subway to the street to the bar

  • Determine which women have the most sexual potential and will go all the way with you

  • How to use transitional language structures to spin off endless conversational topics to keep women engaged hour after hour in pure fun

  • How to come across as a cool, playful guy and not some kind of one-trick pony

  • Use palm reading to sexually touch women without resistance and accelerate their sexual heat ten-fold

The World’s Master of
Seduction and Attraction
Spills His Guts...

      I also include 120 pages packed with the detailed and revolutionary advice of a man who meets and sleeps with more beautiful women in a single month than most men will in their entire lifetimes.

      He’s the best I’ve ever known at picking up women in bars and nightclubs (better than me) and walking out with any woman of his choice.

      I was very fortunate that he allowed me to share his secrets and incredible mindset here in this program.

      After all, nothing compares to actually hear from the very best who are living a lifestyle most guys only fantasize about.  Here's just a few of things that you'll learn-

  • McMaax's 18 rules for picking up women

  • McMaax's 7-point escalation model

  • McMaax's wiild and eye-opening field reports that lead to make-outs

  • McMaax's rules for knocking women off their feet in night clubs

  • How to handle groups of girls so that ALL of the girls in the group want you to succeed

  • McMaax's theory of "dominant frame control" that allows you to smash through any barrier

  • How to use multiple thread theory to keep women engaged in conversation

  • The must rules of nighttime seduction versus daytime seduction

  • Lots of field-tested, proven openers that you can use yourself

  • How to turn around sets of girls when things aren't going your way

  • How to properly deliver value zingers to create intrigue with the most beautiful of women

  • How McMaax gets women to chase him

  • McMaax's unique and surprising method of scoring makeouts in clubs complete with field reports

  • How McMaax picks up women when they have men around them

  • How to out-alpha other alpha males and other competition

  • How to use your friends as help in clubs, rather than them holding you back

  • McMaax's advice on picking up strippers with field report

  • The danger of routine dependency and how to avoid the trap

  • The difference between a "seducer" and an "attraction artist"

  • Why McMaax thinks that most guys fail and what you can do RIGHT NOW about it...

  • And much, much more in over 50 pages of no-nonsense, jam-packed advice!

The Magic Secret
Behind the Science

      I know what you may be thinking... can this kind of technology exist?

      Well think about it, it’s a fact that about 10% of the guys out there get 90% of the girls. It may seem like these men have a magic talent that others don’t. But it’s not magic.

      Just as all men will universally and reliably respond in the same way when a girl flashes her breasts, women are programmed to respond just as reliably – after all, all women share 99.9% the same genes with each other – and with Seduction Science, you’ll be able to elicit the same, consistent results and responses from women.

      After all, if you understand the science of chemistry, then creating fireworks and explosions is simple. And if you understand the science of seduction, having the women you want is easy too. But for those who lack understanding of these sciences it certainly looks like "magic". Yet anyone can learn it and anyone can use it to their own advantage.

      And you’ll love the simplicity and the power of the third edition my system… even just ONE of these techniques could really change your life.

    In fact, I'm so sure you can use these techniques to blow away the guy with the expensive car, the Gucci shoes, and the built pecs, that if you don't meet or seduce at least three hot women this year, I'll give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked. All you have to do is shoot me an email and it's done. Sound fair?

    Heck, if you're dissatisfied for ANY reason, return it for a full refund. So test Seduction Science for yourself without obligation. That's my iron-clad promise!

A Free Bonus “Library”
of Restricted Secrets

      As an added bonus, you'll also receive unlimited, unrestricted access to my online VIP Lounge.

      Everyone is unique; we all have our different strengths, weaknesses, and sticking points. No program, no matter how thorough, can predict what areas you may need extra help with. That’s the purpose of the VIP Lounge - to help you BEYOND the book.

      Simply log on to the VIP Lounge and one of the thousands of members will take the time to personally help you out. They’ll listen to what you say with honest answers to really target your specific sticking points.

      You’ll also be able to read what others have asked and the advice they've received as well as a HUGE back library of literally THOUSANDS of field reports, techniques, and golden nuggets of wisdom.

     Again, the VIP Lounge has restricted membership and is available ONLY to those who have my program.

Now in Electronic Format for INSTANT Access!

     That's right. You get all the information right now by instant access from your computer for immediate results and backed by my 90-day guarantee.

     Benefit #1 -- An eBook is easy to download and read! You can just turn on your computer and read your ebook right from the comfort of your own chair or print it out.

     Benefit #2 -- There are no shipping costs involved in buying the eBook version!  Forget about those shipping and handling charges.

     Benefit #3 -- Delivery is immediate.  Forget about taking the time to wait for your order in the mail.  You can simply download your eBook from the Internet and receive your purchase immediately without any extra costs to you!

     Benefit #4 -- Privacy and Security.  You will receive your ebook discreetly via the internet just moments after you order.  You do nothing but read your ebook on the spot!

The Seduction Science System, 3rd Edition by Derek Vitalio - electronic book version

      And you'll get the 3rd Edition for one easy payment of $39

  Isn't it Worth Investing a Few Dollars On
Your Personal Development to Enjoy a Lifetime of Success?

      After all, most guys out there spend thousands of dollars on their cars, status symbols, dinners, flowers, and gifts only to hope to "get lucky". But with The Seduction Science System 3rd Edition you can achieve what these guys can only dream of on a repeatable, predictable basis for only a fraction of the cost… the same cost you’d spend on a few wasted dinners.

      Leave behind forever the frustration and hesitation when you see beautiful women. Leave behind that do-nothing rut where you always go home alone, beating yourself up for not acting on your desires. Leave behind the cold sting of rejection and enter a world of feminine abundance where YOU have control over the women you want in your life.

      Don’t be another miserable statistic. You know, the kind of guy who lived out only 10% of his sexual potential. You’re only one hair away from having easy success in approaching and opening women with complete confidence and certainty. Nothing should stop you from making that last small step that will explode your success with women and dating.

      Hell, let’s face it… soon you’ll be dead and buried. You have only ONE chance on this Earth to make the most of it and one of the most satisfying things you can do for yourself is have a beautiful woman in your lap and in love with the REAL you.

      I’m not talking about one of those fleeting moments of happiness and excitement like when you get a new car or get a job promotion. I’m talking about true, long lasting contentment that you wake up with every morning and makes you happy to be alive. Yes, that’s the feeling you get when you’re with a beautiful woman.

      What are you trying to achieve? What is the snag in your success? Let The Seduction Science System transform your life!

Derek Vitalio