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5 Flirting Techniques To Help You Attract Women

As a man, one of the most vital skills youíll discover is flirting with women- and hereís precisely how to do it...

If you can flirt with a woman, then she'll feel an intense sexual attraction towards you. It's the same sexual attraction we uncontrollably feel when we see a really beautiful woman walking down the street. In the past I didn't know how to flirt with women, and it was extremely frustrating.

I could be chatting with a woman I was interested in but there was no connection between us. I didnít know how to flirt and make the conversation exciting. It was just "normal conversation" and time-killer talk all the time.

This led to women only seeing me as a "FRIENDĒ and nothing more.

It was terrible.

Then I took the time to learn how to flirt with women. I made it a point to go out every single day and flirt with every woman that I was even remotely interested in.

It got to the point where I could walk up to women and just flirt all day. It was a great feeling knowing I had the power to make a woman feel a strong sexual attraction towards me because of my flirting techniques.

Here's a tiny crash-course on how to flirt with women.

It's time to get yourself a set of normal things that you can say in some of the most ordinary and regular situations.

Here's a list that I use personally and examples of instances when you can use them:

Attract Woman Tip #1

Take full control of a woman's body the first time you meet her.

This is a highly developed attraction tip for men and itís enormously powerful. Women absolutely love being led by men.

If you can show some level of physical leadership early on, then she will feel attraction towards you.

Here's how you apply it in the real world:

When shaking her hand add a small twist and spin her around. This usually sends an electrical charge of tension all over her body.

Attract Woman Tip #2

Tell her but don't tell her.

When you're out and about with a woman, just look at her face like you noticed something fascinating and say "hmmm... I just noticed something interesting about you" then don't reveal to her what it is or make her work for it.

Then she typically will say "Come on, tell me!" to which

I respond "I'll tell you, but first you have to give me a nice compliment".

This attraction tip for men is a delicate way of turning the tables around. She'll end up wanting to impress you, not the other way around.

This technique allows you to barrel through a womanís defenses and trigger a secret button that literally forces her to chase after you and work for you.

Attract Woman Tip #3.

Make her your new girlfriend and then find a motive to break up with her.

When she says something you find cool say "Wow, youíve got good taste in movies/art/music/food/etc.... Iím making you my new girlfriend. You can buy me new clothes, walk hand in hand on the sand, and even watch dorky chick flicks together."

Then I pause and let it sink in. At this point sheís usually giggling or blushing. Then I turn it up one more notch and say "Wait, how tall you are?"

I wait for her respond and then I say "You're 5'6? Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but my cut off is 5'6 and 1/4th. You missed it by 1/4th of an inch.

I'm going to have to break up with you. Donít worry; it's not you it's me."

I love this technique.

This is what I call "Accelerated Flirting".

Women do this all the time. They say something that makes you feel like they like you, then they exclude themselves somehow.

For example, she might say "You're the nicest guy in the entire world. I feel so at ease around you. You'll make a good friend".

Notice that little bend at the end?

Attract Woman Tip #4

Spank her hand and tell her she's a BAD girl.

This is another one of my favorite techniques.

It's a little advance but it works like a charm.

Every time a woman does something that is bad (teasing you, making sexual innuendos, or acting bad) grab her hand, spank it and say "You're such a bad girl".

You have to pretend to shake your head in displeasure and have a sly smile at the same time.

For some reason, this turns women on like crazy and makes them think of you in a sexual way.

In other words, attraction at it's best.

Attract Woman Tip #5

Paint a picture of the future early on.

When I'm in a conversation with a woman and the topic of traveling comes up, I usually paint a picture of a few fun events in the future and I include her in it.

So let's say she's tells me that she'd love to go to Vegas. I say something like "You know what... If you're still cool 3 days from now, we'll go on a spontaneous trip to Vegas. Just me and you. We'd walk around the streets in scandalous clothing and we'll see who can have the most fun."

So here's the formula to make this work. Ask her

"If you could go to anyplace in the world, no matter the cost, where would you go?" then tell her that if she's cool, youíll take her there on a spontaneous trip and youíll do something fun there together.

You can also add a twist to this and say "Wait, how tall are you?" and call the whole thing off because she's just doesn't meet the qualifications. Play around and have fun with it, make up a few of your own and test them out!

Now this flirting tip for men is huge for attracting women. The kind of attraction that will make her remember you long after she's met you.

These techniques are extremely influential. Use them with caution!

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Oliver Turner

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