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5 Ways to Make a Great First Impression With Women

By: Gambler

Any seduction starts before you even speak to a girl, she is making an instant judgment about you as soon as she catches sight of you out of the corner of her eye. Women are much more subtle than men and can make this judgment without you even knowing. Here is how to make a great first impression:

  1. Look like you are enjoying yourself.

Most men do not enjoy themselves in bars and clubs, they stand shoulder to shoulder, checking out the women and making the occasional comment to each other. They donít look like they are enjoying each othersí company and are just out to meet women. This creates a bad first impression. When you see people having fun, you want to join them and you have a better first impression Ė they appear friendlier, safer, and nicer. Even if you are not having fun, look like you are. Look happy to be in the place and try to have higher energy than those around you. Animated body language, a smiling face and exaggerated reactions are ways to look like you are having fun.

  1. Do not stare or obviously check out the girls.

Donít stand shoulder to shoulder with your friend, stand opposite each other and subtly check out the girls over each others shoulder. This is what girls do! It separates you from all the other guys.

  1. Be the fun sociable guy.

If a girl sees you standing around bored and then you approach and put a smile on your face, it seems fake. If you are chatting with the bar staff, talking to men, having fun with friends, and generally being the fun sociable guy, when you talk to her, she will be much more receptive because you have demonstrated that that is how you are with everyone and that your natural character is that of a cool person that likes to meet people.

  1. Donít dress generically.

The rule here is that your clothes should be comment worthy. If a girl cannot say: I like your jeans/shirt/shoes/jacket, then it means it is either ugly or generic. You donít need to wear outlandish stuff but it should be something that shows you have some personality and arenít just part of the masses. If you are on a budget, the most important things are the shoes and jacket.

  1. Be Well-Groomed

Women notice small details. Clean your nails, iron your shirt, wash your hair, trim your nose hair. Little things can completely put a woman off.

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