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An Eye for an Eye


By: Profundido



Many animals watch each other, like wolves looking out for the pack and possible intruders etc...But one thing that separates humans from the other animals in this world is the insane ability to look each other straight into the eye. Non human animals look at each other at best but never eye to eye. It's something mankind developed in the prehistoric ages because he was among the weakest of animals of it's time and was bound for extinction unless he found a way to overcome his predators and guess what that way was...yes...to group up with the other weak humans to build the force of a group that could hunt down and kill their stalkers and large animals for food. The way the separated men started communicating at very first was therefore nothing other than talking with the eyes, scoping with the eyes and adding the general expression of the face (there was no language yet other than a few sounds)
Again something seriously underestimated, the way you use your eyes is a KEY FACTOR in every and I mean every interaction with a women, with or without words. If I meet you in RL and I don't speak your language (or any for language for that matter) I can tell you in 3 sec with my eyes whether I'm in love with you, like you, hate you, am mad in general, desire you, don't care about you, ...expressions like looks can kill didn't get invented without a reason. But now how to make the most out of it?

This is what you should do to practice your eye skills and you will not regret it. First of all dress up, make yourself so damn hot-looking and smelling that when you look in the mirror you could almost fall in love with yourself. As you admire yourself in the mirror your self-confidence will grow exponentialy and this is your best preparation for what comes up next. You will need every drop of confidence you have in you.

After being prepared mentally, go out on a festival ground, club or any place you can find a huge crowd. I prefer open-air events like festivals. Now take your buddy with you and walk through the crowd practicing your alpha status. That means: don't rush but instead walk normal to even slow and above all relaxed. Keep doing it and you'll walk more and more relaxed. Put up your happy general smile, smile to the sun, the artists, the people, the girls....and when you're comfortable with this start shooting at them with your eyes. When warmed up you'll basically be walking like you don't care about anything, you'll appear happy and relaxed and in no rush at all and while walking you look every sweet girl that you cross straight in the eye with a bond smile and you DO NOT release. As you keep on walking and easily shoot killing looks at 50 or more nice girls you will notice 2 things if you do this right: First of all your confidence will grow exponentially with every girl that looks submissive back at you (quickly looking the other way, then 1 second later looking at you again and away again) You will start seeing differences you never saw before between all the looks and reactions from the girls. Second you will start feeling your own alpha status a lot better because some girls will know this game and look straight back at you making it difficult for you to keep your cool. You'll actually feel yourself burning and sweating if you do this for the first time. This takes practice and is in my opinion one of the most if not the most important skills you need to master to get into the advanced game.

Once you've done this several times you'll start liking it so much that you will start doing it basically always and everywhere, it will entirely replace your default "looking through or away from people", as if they where ghosts. You'll also after becoming good at this suddenly get glimpses of a sort of divine power in your that you never realized. Something that feels as if your seducing powers are suddenly 10 times as strong and pretty much no girl can touch you. You'll know when this happens and you'll love it because from that moment or at least at that moment you're simply it beyond discussion. The feeling is such a strong feeling of over selfc onfidence that you all your fear of women is absent at that moment and you even don't need any openers to break a conversation. You can just walk completely solo straight into a group of 3 nice girls which is normally off limits and you simply feel as if they're yours already beyond any form of doubt. What it feels like I can only describe best as what goes through my head at that moment: "girls you are mine already and you're about to find out..."

This is the best status you can reach in my opinion (I haven't felt anything better yet) since you suddenly don't need a wingman to break groups, you don't need opportunities, you can just look straight at a girl (smiling of course) in a group of 2,3 or more until she gets so nervous after 5 sec that once you slowly walk over to her and you say a simply "hey" while keeping that smiling eye-lock, she's already broken no matter what you're about to say next.

My wingman and me had once more great fun doing this 2 days ago in plain sight under a bright sun, eye-shooting all girls and both seeing what happens next and then e.g. go order a soda while completely at easy and looking the girl that takes your order like this in the eye. The results where once more astonishing. She became so nervous you could see her shaking and then when we added a more "god, with such eyes what are you doing here? You should be working on a plain" she started blushing all over so hard that she basically moved herself to the back and stopped serving the people next to us because she couldn't get a hold of herself anymore. She faked suddenly having to mob something and in the meanwhile my wing and me where slowly discussing and admiring her beauty in a way that all people around us including her could hear it clearly :P

Practice the eye contact above and before all else first!!
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