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†Are you going to be a Natural with women or a Charismatic?

By: Derek Vitalio

The worst problem guys have is that they canít seem to overcome their hesitation, fear, and serious attitude around women.


The problem is, we donít have the right people to model and copy Ė guys who are just naturals with women.


Weíve all known that guy from school or work who just seemed to get lots of women effortlessly, without lines or routines or seduction formulas. This guy was just, well, a Natural with women and we envied his seemingly magic talent


Another group of men that has an uncanny success with women is The Charismatic. Such men possess a raw charisma that shines through in group situations.


So the question is, whatís the difference between true Naturals and Charismatics, and how do you incorporate the secrets and skills of one or the otherÖ or both?




Being a true Natural with women is all about letting go and letting loose. Whereas most guys have had their fresh, carefree, childlike spirit beaten out of them, the Natural is, above all else, playful, with a smile on his face and a glint in his eye.


Whereas most guys have learned through school and work to act carefully and deliberately, trying to always please, thinking of how they look in otherís eyes, Naturals are blissfully uncaring, lighthearted, and donít take anything too seriously.


In this way, Naturals are like children, infecting everyone around them with their youthful impulsiveness and spontaneity. Their playfulness translates into a fearlessness and brazenness with women that most other men have lost. And this relaxed playfulness has an intoxicating effect on women, promising them the chance to come out of their own shells of boring conformity.




The Charismatic man is particularly successful in groups of people. Itís his smoothness with language that makes him stand out - when he speaks, he uses storytelling, vivid imagery, and delightful spontaneity to move the group to laughter, excitement, and mass euphoria.

The Charismatic knows how to use his body language to command attention, using sweeping physical gestures, animated expressions, and piercing eye contact.


When he speaks, he puts his audience into a sort of hypnotic trance, and no one can take their eyes off of him.


As a result, people feel alive and energized around him, like a kind of electric current passes between him and the group, feeding off one another. Men want to follow him and women want a chance to be with him.


The Charismatic is no entertaining clown however. He makes girls compete and work for his reward and approval, and does not reveal all of himself at once.


And whereas most men hesitate before taking bold action, The Charismatic acts with single-minded self-assurance. He expresses what others are afraid to express. He says what others want to say, but donít. He does not apologize for who he is or go halfway- and he is never afraid of going too far. Itís this unbridled openness thatís part of his magnetic attraction to women.


You see, most girls are in fact, incredibly bored with their lives. They attempt to suppress their inward sexuality and inner feelings because it is socially unacceptable. Yet women crave openness, adventure, and wild passion.


Itís the Charismaticís unshakable confidence, sense of adventure, and open acts of social risk that hits women like a thunderclap. He delivers the intense, emotional fix and escape from reality that theyíre looking for.




Now you can focus on becoming more of a Natural with women or a Charismatic into your own core personality.


But being natural and having raw charisma canít come from traditional book study. Thatís why renowned hypnotist Damian Transari and I have developed two new trance CDs designed to put your mind into the state of the natural and charismatic archetypes.


The Natural will bring out the natural seducer in you, making you playful and uninhibited and effortless, throwing off the heavy chains of seriousness, snapping apart the bonds of social pressure holding you back.


The Charismatic will build the behaviors and mindset of the Charismatic into our own selves by ridding the self-consciousness and discomfort most of us feel in groups. We too can command body language, spontaneous fun, and group tactics for winning over women.†


Through this CD, offered here for the very first time, you can try on new behaviors, new skills, and clean out daily negativity all in a rapid manner, while youíre in an altered state of suggestible trance


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