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Asap Phone Game 

By: Inch



Some wait for the few day rule, some call the next day.

But this article is trying to get you to do something new. Call IMMEDIATELY. ive read up many articles about phone game and found a few interesting ones, and decided to pick up parts here and there plus integrate my own ideas. credits go to 60 for many of his ideas.

Once u get the number, call her.Even if she is still in front of you, call her.

Here's what you should do: You should make her call your number, so you can get her number. This way, the girl has your number so she knows next time who you are, and you have her number so you can make your first move. the one with the first move is always in charge, no matter how many moves the other has. haha yes its a strategy game =)

There are many reasons to get her to call your number. First, it saves time. Especially in countries (like where I'm at), inputting the number (cuz its so fricken long) and then saving number can be a bitch, plus I hope by now all of you guys should have a growing amount of contacts, so you might have issues with same-name problems. All this nonsense is killing the flow of the conversation cuz its time consumin. Second, you can immediately find out shes not giving you a fake. Some say that if the girl gives you a fake, then it means you havent done enough. Well, if you can find out on the spot, then you know what to work on. plus, it gives you an opportunity to build more attraction through the phone (at least you have a real #, not a bloody fake). Third, since now we are going to do some immediate stuff, its good that she has ur # to avoid further problems. I can go on and list a couple more reasons but rather than you just getting the number, wont it look more sincere if both had each other's #?

Now then, so once getting her # you should be calling her. Make a statement such as saying "Well I wanted to find out whether or not you're as interesting as you are in person over the phone" (you could alternatively say it in a sarcastic tone if you wanted to neg). whatever the case, your making a bullshit excuse.

the whole point of that was to get her to familiarize contacting you. this avoids flakes a lot because the girl realizes that you are not just some guy that was good at conversing with her at the club(or initial location), you are actual a genuine conversationalist that she can talk to over the phone and at another place.

keep this one short, just make it C&F and get her laughing. bust on her voice and anything else you know. then, tell her your going to save this convo the next time.

after that, perform a takeaway and text her. again, use a C&F statement like... "ok you dont have to stare at me the whole time". or an even better one (i like this one) "hey theres something over here should seriously check out, only if your ready for it :P" this will get her curiousity up and she will reply you or comply you by coming over. also, try mentioning that you have a fun activity in a few days and she should come (BIG CAUTION: only if you have built enough comfort!! if not, leave it)

when she leaves, you should say sth like "take care" or "its ok, im safe"

---------------------the next day, start off with something like.. "omg i think that was!" or anything that grabs her curiousity. she will respond to that most of the time. when you start off, select either voicemail or text.

when she happens to call (by now u kno why she needs to have ur number), then try to fluff talk. DO NOT let her dominate the conversation. girls may start interrogating you, so make sure she doesnt do that.

close by reminding her about the activity u mentioned earlier (and if not mentioned, tell her for the first time), try not to make it sound like a date (even tho it will turn out to be), and get her to come along.

****My opinion on duration of calls: I do not believe this is relevant. People are entitled to their opinions, but I think there shouldnt be a numeric restriction on the duration. If you dont feel confident about conversing over the phone, then duh dont make it too long and close once you have 2-3 mins under ur belt. But if you're a great conversationalist, then use it to your advantage and perhaps build attraction/comfort. however, make sure you are dominating the conversation. cannot stress this enough, and make sure you close at the appropriate time. use the duration at your discretion, but please make a wise choice. if you end too early, it is not genuine and the whole point was to make you into her daily life routine. you are now part of her life. if you end too late, then you might have lost your frame.

I have seen a guy that talk with a girl they pickedup for 2 hours (way tooooooooo long for me), but he had such an interesting conversation by telling her DHV stories and built a lasting impression, this made his date with the girl so much easier and seduction was much smoother too.

****Troubleshooting: How to deal with no-replies? After a period of time (please dont make this period longer than 20 hours, 2 days is just ridiculous), you should be making a move on her. Will this demonstrate neediness? No! You are trying to get your point across that you are not the type of guy that she can fuck around with, unlike all the other AFCs she flaked.
send a text/call her and be like:
"its common courtesy to return calls and texts. anyway, did you understand that old?"

the first part was to explain to her that you dont have time for her games. the second part was a hook and grabs her curiousity. it also refreshes her memory that you are a fascinating one that arouses her curiousity.
if she doesnt reply again, be like:

"its twice and youve not been kind enough. we're so over. im taking the dog and TV set back now you can get the fridge. btw, there is also"

she should be crying back for your nuts at this point.

However, if you performed the first part of this phone game correctly, by letting her know that you are a fun person beyond just the club (or initial location) such as by calling her up asap, by texting her and doing the takeway, then wishing her goodbye, you should never have to even use the Troubleshooting tips. These are for the extremely rare cases.

Call everyday after setting up date. You need to drill it in her head that you are going to become a part of her life. She has to make space, and a huge dedication for you. You are the prize. Forget ONCE in a while and that will get her nuts all over you (Do this by the 10th/11th call). If you are not looking for a ONS, then make sure that she wont think ur just some dude looking for a date and a ONS, and to do this ur goin to have to call her daily so she knows ur genuine.

All this may be perceived as needy but if you read closely enough, you are making her comfortable with you and this accelerates the date which is the key to seduction. Being needy and at the same time demonstrating higher value and also conveying to her that your a busy guy with many things to do and no time for her little game is contradictory, so obviously you're not being needy.

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