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You Can Generate Attraction Regardless Of Your Looks

By: Joseph Matthews


 It seems the biggest concern my students deal with is their belief of being too ugly to attract women.

This insecurity comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. For instance:

They could be too old.

Some men assume they are too fat.

They could be too short.

Some men think they are too ugly.

Many men feel hopeless when it comes to attracting the woman they desire, because of such feelings.

But fortunate for all of us - this simply isn't the case.

Here we can dismiss a few myths concerning attraction, which may be holding you back from a successful love life.

Myth #1 - Women are only attracted to good looking men.

Take a good look around and take not of the different types of men who date attractive women, and you can see this is not true.

As a general rule of thumb, I like to say: It's important to look good, but it's not important to be good looking!

Is there a difference?

Well, you can't help if you're good looking or not. But you have COMPLETE power over how you present yourself. You control the type of clothes you wear, how you prepare yourself, how you wear your hair, how you smell, etc.

These are all aspects that factor into looking good.

Taking control of your appearance makes any man more attractive.

Myth #2 - Women Think Just As Men Do

Naturally, we all think that everyone sees things in the same way you see those things.

Take for example that huge pimple on your forehead, you think everyone notices it, although it is beneath the skin and no one knows it is there besides you.

To you, it was clear as day. To everyone else, it was hardly noticeable.

Naturally, we practice this manner while summing others up. Do you judge a woman by the way she looks? Of course you do, since you are able to decide by visually appraising her whether you think she is attractive.

So naturally, you assume women are going to size you up the same exact way.

This assumption is a mistake.

Women have a different set of values when determining their attraction than men have. This does not mean they have no care as to the attractiveness of a man; they just do not use physical characteristics as a means of judgment as men do.

To women, attraction is based more around how men make them feel, rather than how the men look. That is why women are attracted to confidence and social status. They're attracted to men who make them laugh. They're attracted to men who are good at what they do. See how this works? Looks have very little to do with any of this.

Myth #3 - Women Notice A Man's Uncertainty And Insecurity

Understand that we know ourselves better than anyone else ever will. We are able to pick out every single flaw there is about ourselves - our big ears, big nose, weak chin, receding hairline...

We notice these small flaws, no matter what they may be.

And because we see it, we believe everyone else does too. But the fact is, most people aren't very observant, and unless they specifically look for something to criticize you about, they're not going to care about your insecurities, whatever they may be.

Do you know that most women are not aware of your insecurities and only notice them when you call their attention to them? So forget about your insecurities rather than trying to diffuse or dismiss them by calling the attention of others as to why you may think you are ugly.

And insecurity is always unattractive.

In order for your positive traits to outshine those that you find negative, you must always face every situation with a focus on your good qualities rather than any insecurity.

Myth #4 - Good Looking Men Have It Made

That women instinctively generate towards good looking men is one of the most misleading myths out there.

Those men have their own set of troubles with women. Clearly in the beginning being attractive physically does help, however they have the same issues as the rest of us.

Attraction is the art of magnifying the emotional connection that a woman feels for you, when you are around, this relationship will only occur when you are around her, therefore to feel those feelings she will want you to be around her.

When a man matches the physical type of man, a woman prefers she naturally gravitates towards him, simply because those features appeal to her. Those feelings go away if she considers the man to be mismatched, a jerk or a bore.

For example, take a man that a woman is not physically attracted to initially and then give them some time while he causes her to experience bliss, excitement and fun, eventually, she will become attracted to him.

Making others feel good causes them to want to be with you, this is a fundamental of attraction.

You don't have to be a good guy to make women feel good! You just need to know how to relate with them.

This equation has a second factor and that is of sexual attraction.

Sexual attraction is not only making a woman feel good by being around you, but arousing their passion as well.

This aspect naturally leads to seduction.

As you lead a woman towards sexual attraction, she begins seeing you in a new perspective, despite your shortcomings or looks.

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