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Be Different, Be Successful 

By: Don Charlie



Most of the guys on good old’ planet earth are too afraid to approach women. The few that are able to approach women suck at it. Only a small number of guys are consistently successful with women. It’s like money, 1% of the population control 97% of the wealth.

How is this so?

The one thing that everyone has in common in that 1% is that they are different from the other 99%

Have you ever approached a woman and closed with something like “I think you’re really pretty, can I have your phone number?”

Chances are, she laughed in your face. Why though? In the Disney movies, it also works. The nice guy always gets the girl. The guy, who is sincere, always marries the princess.

This is real life pal.

So let’s recap what I’ve said so far. 99% of the population are the same, 1% are different. 1% of the population is getting laid constantly, while the other 99% posts on myspace all day trying to hook up.

What’s the most common thing guys say to women during a cold approach today?

“Hey, what’s up girl?“

Women get tired of hearing the same old mundane things fellas.

Do you think the people 1% of the population that control 97% of the wealth got rich by doing something that someone else has already done? Do you think Bill Gates is a billionaire because he was the 11th person to invent a operating system? No, he was first. How about John Rockefeller, the first billionaire and the richest man to have ever lived, got so filthy rich? Do you think he got rich because he copied some old guys way of producing oil? Hell no. He did his own thing, and it worked for him.

These guys we’re all trend setters in their own way.

Try something new, something they’ve probably never heard before

“Hey, you look really interesting and I’d really like to talk to you, but I have to go, give me your phone number so I can finish talking to you later,” and hand her your phone to program it in.

Or, if you’re a younger guy and in your in class (if it’s the first day) walk up to a group of girls with a book and paper and say “write down your numbers please” and most of the time, they are so shocked they will actually do it.

Just remember, have fun, be the man, be different, and you will get success.

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