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 Choose Wisely from Warm Upbeat women

By: Derek Vitalio

Relationships between most people today are characterized by cautious coldness and impersonality.

If you walk up to a stranger on the street, theyíll often meet your advance with suspicion. After all, they believe, why else would you try to make a connection to a total stranger unless you wanted to sell something or wanted something from them?

At work, people generally donít smile unless the boss is looking over their shoulder, wishing they could be somewhere else doing something else.

Many times the only smile of a friendly person youíll see is that of the salesman, specifically trained to smile at you to make the next sale.

But the warmth or coldness of the people around us affects our own mood- we tend to follow the emotion of the crowd. Have you ever been near to people crying, and you felt like crying yourself, even though you didnít know what they were crying about? Or perhaps you heard some people laughing and you felt a smiling break across your face, even if you didnít hear the joke. Emotion is contagious.

And if everyone around you is going about their business seemingly cold and emotionless, youíll begin to mimic the crowd. If you expect that walking up to a stranger will result in getting brushed off, youíll likely do the same to a stranger who approaches you.

So a big part in feeling warmth and happiness in our lives is to live in an environment where warm, happy, and friendly people are around us.

Studies have shown that when people have a lot of positive life events and warm interactions with friendly people, they themselves become more extraverted, which in turn makes them even happier.

And studies show that when people are in a positive mood they have a less cautious social style, and meet even more people.

All the research suggests that we DONíT want a place where most people are hostile, shrewd, and self-centered. We DONíT want a place where most people are cold, impersonal, and only keep to themselves.

So ideally, we want to live in place where people are generous, socially outgoing, receptive to others, and generally in a good mood.

Of course, thatís not always possible. Itís hard to find a city, community, or social niche where what Iím describing is the reality.

The next best thing of course, is to have warm, happy, vivacious women in your life. Having upbeat women in your life will bring you far more happiness than money or a fancy car.

And thatís why itís so important to choose WISELY. Women who are chronically depressed or just not happy with themselves will bring you down.

What Deep Inner Game is all about is being the kind of man INSIDE who has CHOICE among women, so youíre not just stuck with the first girl who falls into your lap.
Deep Inner Game

Instead, youíll be the kind of man who has enough choice of beautiful women that you can FILTER the good ones from the rotten apples.

This is such an important factor to happiness that I canít emphasize it enough.

Thatís why the Deep Inner Game Program is such an important part of making the journey into having quality social relationships with women. Nowís the time to make it happen.
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Derek Vitalio

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