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Cocky and Funny 

By: Kemo and Hypnotic

Developing a cocky and funny personality can greatly improve your game with women. It was the first technique I learned (the only one I knew at the time too) and I landed my first girlfriend within about 2-3 weeks of knowing it. So what exactly is cocky and funny?

A cocky and funny personality is basically when you are slightly overly confident - almost to the point of arrogance, but not quite there. The thing that sells it for you is that you are funny about it! If you aren’t funny it wont work, because if you are just plain cocky you will be perceived as an asshole. Likewise, if you are funny without being a little cocky you will be seen more as a funny guy than a lover guy.

Now I know you have all heard it before. Lots of women say that they HATE cocky guys, and even complain about them sometimes. Let’s break it down though. Most women can’t really tell you what they like in a guy (correctly). You will always hear that she wants a nice, sweet, caring guy that treats her perfectly. Basically, she wants a fairy tale romance. Now honestly, when was the last time you saw poor Joe Shmoe, with his love letters and poems, get laid? Never! When a girl says all of these things, she is basically stating how she would like to change a guy she is already attracted to (most likely a guy that is cocky and funny!).

The cocky and funny technique works so well on women because you are mixing two good things. Any player will tell you two of the most important parts of picking up women are to be CONFIDENT and to be FUNNY. And hey, if you are really confident and really funny, you are set. Now don’t get me wrong, you can be too cocky and be perceived as a jerk, but for this to work you need to stay on the thin between being confident and being a jerk. When you show her you are cocky and funny, you are showing her that you are different from most other guys, and also keeping her on her toes with you (you’ll get this in a second)

Ok, so we know that this cocky and funny stuff works, right? So how should we put it to good use then? First you need to be confident. You can’t be cocky without being confident first. Then you need to gain some sort of sense of humor. This is more difficult, but other articles address the topic so I won’t get into it here. Next you need to basically think when you are with a girl how you can knock her down a bit – in a funny way. Like say to a girl “Hey your hair is really pretty… is it real?” or “Hey, I just wanted to speak to the most beautiful woman in the room… She’s all the way over there though so I’ll practice on you first” You get it, funny stuff. The hotter the girl is, the more “mean” you can make the joke. You know you get a good reaction when she either starts laughing, or gets a look on her face with her mouth open like “I can’t believe he just said that!” Tell her things all the wimps are too scared to tell her!

Now you may be saying “Kemo, that sounds like something a jerk would do. I don’t wanna be a jerk!” Well guess what! Crazy as it sounds, THE GIRLS ACTUALLY LIKE IT! If you saw me with a girl you might even think to yourself “Man this guy is being a prick… How come she is laughing at what he says and into him so much?” Lot’s of this stuff doesn’t make sense, so you just need to bear with me.

Another aspect of the cocky and funny is how you respond to what she says. Let’s say a girl said to me “Hey Kemo, you look really cute today!” why say a boring “thanks” or “you too” when I can simply answer “Yea I know”. It may seem asshole-like, but trust me, it just works (remember you are partly joking with her). Another example is if I said something really funny and a girl said “Kemo, you’re so funny!” I would of course respond with “Yea, isn’t it great?”

This is basically your crash course through cocky and funny. Use it to your advantage, and just remember to find a balance between having enough cocky and enough funny. Knock that girl down a couple of notches, off her stupid pedestal, and she will be all over you. And of course remember: YOU are the shit! Good luck playas!

Key Things:

1) Don’t get hung up on your cocky funny response or w/e. You have to continue on with your conversation. (may pertain more to the neg).

2) Hot Girls really love this stuff, use good judgment on how hot the girl really is so you know how badly to bust her balls.

GMX: it’s all about your frame of mind....It’s about having fun and teasing her. go out and try it... see for yourself, the responses you will get will be shocking if you' haven’t tried it before.

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