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Confidence sells†

By: Don Charlie

Confidence is a crazy quality that a person can have. If you have always been one of the guys that sits off to the side and watches other men pick up girls, you probably wondered what exactly they had that you didnít. That, my friend, is confidence. Confidence isnít all about feeling like you are an amazing person, it is KNOWING. To be confident you need to be sure of yourself and KNOW that you are capable of pretty much anything.

But hey, you canít exactly just start exuding this confidence over night. It takes time, and most of the things you do to gain confidence are probably the last things you would ever see a guy like yourself doing. Being confident is all about getting over the fear of rejection and ultimately not even caring about it. When you are confident, you know everything will go your way and when you are this sure of yourself, nothing can really ever bring you down.

So how exactly is one to gain confidence around women? For starters, you need to start talking to women. Depending on how comfortable you are with this you need to start working your way up. Maybe you have always been ok with friendly chit chat with a woman. Try to get into some deeper conversations with them. Maybe you are great at having good conversations, but you need to be more of a flirt. Start hitting on them more. You could even possibly be a guy who doesnít even feel comfortable saying ďhiĒ to an attractive girl that you have never met. This is a problem, but it is easily solved.

One of my favorite ways (I used this myself) to get over this fear is to approach women in a place you know you will never see them again. If you are a teen, go to a mall far from your house (where no one you know goes) and just say hi to pretty girls. Ask them for the time. Small talk if you can. It wonít really matter what you say to them, you will never see them again. If you are older, try bars and clubs Ė far away ones if you are scared of seeing someone you know or will see again. You need to understand that girls WILL blow you off. This is hard thing to accept, but your first step in getting over rejecting. If you go up and talk to that group of girls over there, they could make up an excuse and walk away. Guess what, it doesnít matter though. It happens to EVERYONE and it isnít that bad.

Next to build confidence, you might need to give yourself a makeover. Iím trying hard to not sound gay though, but you need to feel attractive before girls will find you attractive. If you have acne, start washing your face and get a good product to help it. If you feel like your hair isnít that great, get a nice popular cut, and make sure to keep it in shape every 3 weeks or so. Your wardrobe might also need some work. If you can, go shopping with a female friend to find clothes that SHE finds cute on you. If you donít have a girl to go shopping with, donít worry about it. Look at what other guys are wearing and get something similar. You SHOULD have your own unique style, but if you arenít sure what to wear, you can copy till you find your own style. If you see that some other guys are getting girls in clothes you can see yourself wearing, go ahead and buy them and see how you feel. Finally your body, if you are uncomfortable with your body, get in the gym. If you are too fat, start running. If you are too skinny start lifting weights. After you improve on all of the physical things that you feel are holding you back, you will feel your confidence shoot through the roof.

So now that you are slowly building your confidence, you are going to learn how to fake it. Now faking confidence is never good in the long run, ideally you want to be REALLY confident. If you start acting confident though, people will treat you just like how they treat all of the other confident guys. And once you are getting treated like it Ė you guessed it! It will become a part of you.

The first is your posture. Just how you walk and how you sit can let people know exactly how confident (or insecure) you are. Sit up straight for once, donít slouch. And you should NEVER EVER slouch when you are walking, EVER. Players do not hunch over, and our heads never look to the ground. When you walk you shouldnít be rigid, and you should never act like you are in a hurry. You are a cool, calm, collected PIMP. Another thing is you shouldnít make sudden movements. If you say the name of an insecure guy, his head will snap around to see who said his name. If you say the name of a confident guy, he will calmly turn his head to look at you. When you sit you should have good posture, donít hunch over and donít slouch down. Another thing when sitting is you can try to take up as much space as possible. A player isnít scared to show he owns a place, and sit with your legs nice and wide apart (since players like us have huge cocks and canít sit comfortably with our legs close together).

Next you need to work on talking. Your voice tone should be deep, and calm. For a good idea of how it should sound, tighten your abs and talk. This is how you need to make your voice sound all of the time. Nice, slow, calm, relaxing, etc. David Deangelo has a great voice, if you get the chance to ever hear him. Next about what you talk about. The thing about confident guys that really gets girls is the fact that they donít care what everyone else thinks of them. This means that they arenít afraid to speak there mind. Of course there is the rule that if you donít have something nice to say, donít say it at all (doesnít apply with c&f ), but donít be afraid to disagree with a girl. She is probably used to guys always giving her what she wants and agreeing with her, so the fact that you can disagree verbally will show you have balls. Also if you are with a group and you think something, just let it fly. Donít worry about people not agreeing or liking it, you are an alpha male and you say what you want!

The final part of being confident is to have fun. Everything on this planet was put here for you to have a good time with. Use it all to your advantage. There is no reason to be upset about anything, and there is no reason to not make everywhere you go a fucking party. Girls wonít be so sure about you until you are sure of yourself, so there is no way you are getting laid if you arenít confident. Once you are truly confident, you will see how easy it is to build amazing attraction with girls.

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