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Dereks #2 Best Seduction Secret for getting Beautiful Women

By: Derek Vitalio


Last time I gave you my #1 favorite secret “magic bullet” for success with women. My #1 secret was all about giving you the right mental STATE for being successful with women, the foundation from which everything else builds upon.

Today I’m going to give you my #2 best secret.

My #2 secret is also about setting the right mental STATE for success as well.

The techniques I’m about to give you work TOGETHER synergistically. In other words, the combination of the two is much more powerful than either one used solo.

My #2 “Magic Bullet” secret involves beginning a Skill Building Activity.

A Skill Building Activity ideally consists of two components, one physical and the other social.

Take the Skill Building Activity of dance lessons for instance. Dance requires physical exertion and gets your body into physical shape, and at the same time is a great way to meet and socialize with women.

Surfing is another great Skill Building Activity. It gets the body moving and the heart pumping and can be a great way to meet other guys and girls in the sport.

Weight training at the gym is another good example of a Skill Building Activity. Weight training is one of the fastest ways to a hot body, and if you work with a gym trainer there’s a strong social component to it as well.

Dance, surfing, and weight training – the benefits to such “sports” are deeper than appears on the surface.

Most obviously, you get exercise. Your arms get definition, your chest pops, you stand taller and straighter, you feel better about yourself and your appearance, and girls notice your physical presence.

However, the primary benefit of adopting a Skill Building Activity isn’t physical, it’s psychological.

It’s critical for your mental health.

When you go out to meet women consistently, day after day, it’s easy to fall into the trap of defining your whole reality and self-identity around picking up girls.

Approaching women rewards with small payoffs, at other times setbacks, and once in a while big jackpots. It’s much like playing the slots at Vegas- you never know what’s going to happen.

And just like playing the slots at Vegas, you can experience great highs, rocky lows, and tepid boredom at times between.

You might achieve a small victory one day, and you might stall and get “nowhere” the next.

Without other things going on in your life, pickup can create addictive behavior where your sense of identity coincides with the level of your game that day and the amount of validation you got from women (women that don’t even know you!).

That’s why it’s so important – critical really – to have a source of struggle, payoff, and progress in your life OUTSIDE of picking up girls.

So even if you stay at home, stall and hesitate, or have a bad day out, it doesn’t affect your core IDENTITY and self-worth, as you are continually making progress in ANOTHER area of mastery – be it perfecting your body, mastering your sexy dance moves, or catching that perfect wave.

And mastering one of these Skill Building Activities duplicates the highs you get from approaching and meeting girls as well. Having a good workout, physically touching and dancing with a bunch of women, or being out in the sun swimming in the ocean gives you a similar physical and mental testosterone rush as does making a girl smile.

So even if you don’t open a girl that day, you still feel as if you’re moving forward. Even if the reaction from girls to you was less than stellar, at least you feel you achieved your OTHER goals of the day.

In other words, your identity is not based solely on picking up chicks- you have another source of striving and accomplishments to draw from that involve your physical body and being around people.

You also want to pick the right Skill Building Activity for you. Nonphysical, socially isolating activities like mastering Chess, beating Halo on “Legendary level”, or getting your certification in Accounting don’t make the cut.

You want to pick an activity that is physically active, has possibilities for social interaction, and a skill that will COMPLIMENT your seduction goals.

For instance, working out and getting a hot body, the ability to tear up the dance floor, or getting a golden tan in the surf will all make you more attractive to women. They all compliment the times you go out to meet girls.

Personally, one of my favorite activities is hitting the gym and doing weight training. I typically go about five times a week.

But I’m flexible too. At other times, I’ve taken dance lessons.

What’s great about these particular Skill Building Activities is that your body feels so much better with the testosterone pump and you can take PRIDE in your body, you can take PRIDE in overcoming a challenge and accomplishing something new.

So even if you have a lame day out – and it happens – you don’t feel down on yourself. After all, you have another activity going on in your life that you’re striving and accomplishing in.

So keep that “journal” that I talked about last time for getting into state and building your identity. At the same time, begin a Skill Building Activity. The combination of the two is truly a lethal one… just watch your game explode!

Now with the help of master hypnotist Damian Transari, I’ve created a series of five CDs for installing the traits of the master “winner of women” into your mind, all through trance. It’s called my Deep Inner Game Series.

By listening to a CD just a few times a week, you build that incredible state and mindset for approaching and attracting women. Of course, Deep Inner Game is not a substitute for the other things I’ve talked about here, but it’s an excellent supplement… kind of like taking your daily vitamins.

You owe it to yourself to have women in your life. And you’re not alone in your mission. Let’s make it happen! Take some action and click here to get your hands on the Deep Inner Game program!

- Derek

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