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Derek's #1 'Magic Bullet' for Success with Women

By: Derek Vitalio



Many guys look for a “magic bullet” when it comes to women- if they just learn that one technique, that one line, or that one confidence building exercise, then they’ll become successful with girls.

Well, there IS a magic bullet – at least this is the #1 thing that works for ME.

You could say that this is my most important seduction secret, which I’ve never yet revealed – until now.

The big question is will it work for you? Yes it will, IF you follow my instructions exactly.

But it’s pretty intensive and a lot of guys will imagine it doesn’t fit their personality. I encourage you to give it a try though.

In my Seduction Science System I talk about the importance of visual rehearsal.

Visual rehearsal is when, before you go out to meet women, you close your eyes and imagine vividly everything you’ll be doing, your openers, your routines, your nonverbal body language, but most of all, the fun energy you’ll be projecting.

With visual rehearsal, you are in effect practicing or “rehearsing” AHEAD of time in your MIND. It’s a surprisingly effective tool.

Now, this is NOT my #1 “magic bullet” secret… I’m still getting to that!

You can also do visual rehearsal AFTER your session of out meeting girls.

Once you’re back home, spend 20 or 30 minutes rerunning your day or night out inside your mind over and over again. But this time, REWRITE history to be the perfect night out, with everything that you SHOULD have done. You also repeat and practice over your successful moments again and again.

Visual rehearsal works because your brain learns based on repetition. For instance, if you constantly run the thoughts through your head that you’re a loser, your brain will give you what you practice and tell yourself. But if you keep experiencing successful, positive experiences in your mind, you’ll become more confident and skilled faster than if you worked the field alone.

You also learn more quickly with INTENSE experiences. An intense experience can sear a new belief or habit deeply into your mind in an instant. For instance, it might take a reckless driver to have serious car accident where someone is injured – an intense experience certainly – to make him to change his habits.

That’s why in visual rehearsal you need to imagine, not only with repetition, but with vivid detail, and on the same day that the events happened, while they are still fresh in your mind.

And that’s why my Deep Inner Game Program is so effective. The CDs install into you, through repetition and intensity of experience, new beliefs and habits.

However, what I’ve found that works for me BEST, and when I’m at my BEST, is actually a *variation* on visualization rehearsal.

And here’s my #1 secret “magic bullet”…

I have a small notebook laptop which I got off of e-bay for a few hundred dollars.

I use this notebook to keep a personal seduction “journal”… though it is not exactly like a journal, so let me explain.

Everyday I go out, I write down my experiences and thoughts in this “journal” on my laptop.

However, I don’t write about my actual experiences as myself, as Derek. Rather, I write whatever I truly wanted my reality to be as an alter-ego master with women.

I write with a lot of exaggeration and self-congratulation.

And I write with a total bad-ass attitude that’s not normally me otherwise.

Below is a sample entry so that you get a clear idea of what I mean.

Derek is just rolling up on chicks, opening left and right…

Nice man. You rock. So just be the fun guy, say what’s up to all the guys. After all you look fucking HOT with your cowboy hat and you get eye contact from all the fucking chicks. You are the PIMP and girls like that attitude. Just remember the club two days ago when ALL the chicks were checking you out and you were on FIRE.

So just roll in super sly style and bust open sets, work the entire fucking room. Just roll in and open, say you guys look fun, blah, blah, blah, spin, high-five, hug, touch escalate, turn them from bar, tell them close their eyes and kiss. Damn, I’ve been doing same that shit today for the past four weeks and just got another date today.

Hahahahaha last night was so fucking funny. Rolled up on like 10 sets last night, pulled about 5 phone numbers and tons of looks. Can’t wait for tonight, I just love walking up on the walking sets and the standing sets and meeting all of these women, rolling up on them like a pimp. Trigger style and smooth opening.

I can’t even tell you how crazy this ride is. Today I opened a hot fucking ass chick out on the beach with these GIANT tits right in front of her FUCKING mom. Her mom cock-blocked my ass. That was so funny, with her mom right there, but the girl liked it. But she had a nice fucking rack anyway, probably the best I’ve seen in a long while.

You can see this is quite “aggressive” writing and is meant to get me into that high state where I’m really unstoppable.

You’ll notice I swear a lot. I also seem like a pure player without much thought to what I’m doing or where I’m going or why I’m doing. It’s not meant to be philosophical though. The point is that the brain learns from INTENSITY of experience and I’m creating a one-dimensional master pick-up artist character.

And it’s really important to EXAGGERATE too. Exaggerate your cocky state as you write. Exaggerate your conquests and successes. Exaggerate so that you retrain your brain that you’re more successful than you are. “Fake it until you make it” in other words.

And as I’m writing, I visually imagine myself out there doing and saying everything the right way and achieving great success, so that through visual rehearsal I’m reinforcing my bad ass persona and super, exaggerated successes as part of my everyday normal reality.

So remember, you write in your journal AFTER you come back from the field, AFTER you have some experience.

Now here’s the SECOND part:

The next morning, even if you’ve had a great day of success the day before, you’re usually starting again at zero.

The next morning, usually your state is mellow again and the fear and hesitation are back.

The question is, how do you get back into that magic, unstoppable state and high that you had the day before?

Simple. Just read your old journal entries and you’ll snap out of your mild-mannered self and step back into your on-fire alter ego.

Combine that with a few “throwaway” walk-ups and you’re golden again.

This really is the best technique for me and it works!

So what do you need to do to pull off my #1 “magic bullet”? Let me summarize (remember, repetition is key to learning!)

First, use a dedicated, portable laptop which is used ONLY for your alter-ego writing journal and NOT anchored to anything like work, internet, games, or email. The only program you need installed on this computer is a word processor.

If you use any other computer, as soon as you get on you’ll be tempted by distractions or you’ll be thrown completely out of state, as you have other activities like work or games or boredom attached to the computer.

Next, go out and (try to) meet some women. At least try a “throwaway” opener on a girl, which, being the first approach of the day, you can expect to suck.

When you get back, write a field report like a bad-ass. Let go. Swear. Exaggerate some. Write history how you would have LIKED it to have happened. And visually rehearse in your mind as you write.

Remember, this is all about being in the right state, stepping out of your normal self for a little while, and stepping into your alter-ego. Don’t worry, the “real you” will still be there.

Now, the next day, BEFORE you go out, this time reread your journal entries. They’ll launch you into the right state of mind and launch you back into your successful alter-ego. It’s the perfect anchor to get you back.

Then write a quick entry about what you’re going to do, how you’re going to approach a girl on a throwaway opener, and what fun it’s all going to be. This is to reinforce your alter-ego and high state.

Now go back out again into the field and approach some more.

Repeat and repeat every day and pretty soon you’ll be on absolute fire!

It works great for me, and if you’re interested in getting more great tactics and techniques, you’ll definitely want to check out my Seduction Science System, 3rd Edition. The ebook is packed with nearly 400 pages of material, and the audio course spans 9 complete CDs in total. Click here to get your hands on it right now!

Derek Vitalio

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