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Do Men With Money Get More Sex Than Guys Who Don’t

By: Derek Vitalio


Most guys today believe that having a little more money would make them happier.

But the research shows again and again that after basic needs are met, extra material wealth has little or no effect on life satisfaction or happiness.

Compared to 1960, Americans today have doubled their spending power. We also have bigger houses, twice as many cars per person, flat screen televisions, microwaves, computers, brand-name athletic shoes, 100 television stations, and digital music players.

The accumulation of material goods is at an all-time high, but so is the number of people who feel emptiness.

For instance, people spend more of their free time alone than ever. Nearly 90% of Americans drive to work in their car, most of them alone. At work, most of us work alone in cubicles or we’re so busy or so sheltered by management that we can’t have meaningful human interactions or relationships with the people who work with us. After work, we drive home again, alone. And at home we’re often so tired we just plop down in front of the television, isolated yet again.

For most of us, even though we have all these new fantastic communication technologies that money can buy- we can be on the other side of the world in an airplane within a few hours, we can instantaneously talk with someone across the country on a cellular telephone- our world as far as our interpersonal relationships has become very small.

And all the scientific research shows that after basic needs are met, extra material wealth has little or no effect on life satisfaction or happiness.

For extremely poor people in poor countries, money does make a difference to their happiness. Without any money at all, life can be absolutely miserable. Extra money can mean the difference between eating, seeing the doctor, having a place to sleep, or getting a ride to visit friends.

For everyone else however, the effect is small because money is spent on bigger or better cars, houses, and holidays. A boost in income or possessions can make us happy temporarily, but we soon adapt and begin lusting again. We buy things because they think material goods they will give them pleasure, but in fact, according to studies, they make very little difference in our lives. Studies even show that lottery winners are very happy after winning, but that their happiness level reverts back nearly to the original levels after a few weeks.

It sounds counterintuitive. We assume that having more money will mean we can do more things, have more time, be more respected in people’s eyes, be more attractive to women. So why doesn’t income increase happiness?

At a certain point, making more money doesn’t buy sex, friends, or leisure time for activities. Most guys earning lots of money have no extra leisure time than those guys making less and are often they’re working LONGER hours on the grinding treadmill to keep up with the Joneses, and end up having no time to spend with families or friends or do the things they love.

You cannot purchase good health and physical fitness- one needs the leisure time to exercise and do physical activities.

You cannot purchase friends- making money in order to “buy” friendship spoils the intimacy of the relationship. Guys who simply maximize their earnings are liable to lose friendships from neglect.

You cannot purchase sexual intimacy- studies found that men who paid for sex with a prostitute were considerably less happy than men who had sexual relations with women they had won on their own.

And here’s the real kicker- studies also show that men with larger incomes do NOT have more sex or sexual partners than men with lesser incomes.

Working for money does not improve one’s social skills or leisure time, which are the factors necessary for attracting and keeping mates.

And while getting a bigger car or television may give you a boost of pleasure and maybe the ohhs and ahhs of friends, the pleasure quickly fades and we’re no happier than before. It’s because people adapt- they get used to the new circumstances of what they have.

People are really seeking nonmaterial goals such as human and social relationships, sex and intimacy, and doing activities where pursuing the relationships is the main activity.

That’s why getting your inner game with women handled is so important. And that’s why I developed the Deep Inner Game Program .

You don’t want to spend your whole life trying to make more money, never to have the leisure time or social skills to win women to your bedroom. That’s a losing game that you’ll never win.

Develop your inner game and social skills with women and it won’t matter how much money you’ll make. You’ll be one of those rare guys who can just go up to women and make them laugh and feel spectacular emotions- you’ll have the advantage over 99% of the other guys out there, no matter what kind of car your “competition” drives.

That’s the power of using SCIENCE to win the game of women. You’re using the all the elements of the periodic table to cast your spell over women while all the other guys are like cavemen using fire, water, and ether. They THINK slaving away their lives to make a few extra bucks is the answer, but you know better. You don’t play that game where the deck is stacked against you.

That’s what my Deep Inner Game Program is all about- “cheating” the system so you can actually be HAPPY and have women in your life. Check it out .

Derek Vitalio

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