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Win Womens Hearts - Eliminate Annoying Habbits

By: Derek Vitalio



Often in a relationship it’s tempting to loosen up and get more comfortable letting go of our annoying or bad habits in front of our woman.

But the playboy doesn’t let bad habits decrease his social value in front of his woman.

After all, would James Bond fart in public? Pick his nose? Belch? Chew his fingernails? Crack his knuckles?

Every time you slouch or belch you’re losing points with your woman. And either she has to just let them go or you force her to become a nag.

Just stop doing any of this around her. She probably won’t notice it right away, but she will notice it at some point. At beast, these activities are “cute” but generally they’re unattractive.

Think about it this way. You want your woman to end up in sweats gaining weight? Demonstrate your high standards and expect her to meet them in return.

Nothing is wrong with habits in and of themselves- but they prevent your woman from being in love with you.

Now your woman may not care about some of your bad habits and you may have bad habits that you’re not even aware of as bad. So to eliminate your bad habits, first you need to have her write a list of your three most annoying habits.

Have her write up a list and list them from most annoying to least annoying. Take it objectively. Don’t take it personally- after all, she’s giving you valuable information to be a true man of women. Select the most annoying one on the list and begin eliminating them, one by one.

For instance, if you’re bad habit is leaving dishes on the table, you could create a NEW habit of helping your woman with the dishes for ten minutes, in a way that doing the dishes together every night that would be enjoyable for both of you- like talking with your woman about your day. And you repeat that enjoyable routine night after night.

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Derek Vitalio

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