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Flirting 101

By: Don Charlie

Today is your lucky day. I think of myself as a master of this stuff, flirting is the most powerful thing in the world, especially if you know how to use it against you or with you. Flirting involves smootheness, suavay, intelligence and charm.


Flirting is what seperates people from a casual, rinky-dink, boring, conversation, from the sexual, more DEEP conversations.

Flirting is harmless, AND fun way in showing intrest into the woman your trying to sack down. But don't forget, its supposed to remain fun, dont ever step over the line and say something hurtful and or harmful, cause in the end, your just screwing yourself over.

Never try to end flirting by just saying "goodbye" its always a good thing to do some kind of a # close or something after having a good flirting session with a girl because her happy emotions are up, and her bitch shield is down.

Cocky/Funny: This stuff is magic, a phrase coined by David D. in his book Double Your Dating. But what this technique is about: busting on the women and being funny about it. About 99% of the guys that hit on girls are actually AFC's at heart, they dont dare overstep their boundaries. Lucky for you, you dont live by those boundries! Pick on em, not like "yo momma is so fat" or anything guys, but like little subtle things. But like if she says "do you like my ear-rings, i just bought them" be like "wow, your almost hot enough to date me now" or something like that, be cocky and assertive, assume the sale! Plus accusing her of like you isnt never a bad thing if you catch my drift, its just one of those little "it just works" tips.

Visuals: say things that will give her visuals when your just flirting with her, it'll make her think about it and visualize it, and since she isnt having it, she will crave it. EUREKAH you just got laid!

-Kino: Good stuff here, it’s the art of touching. There’s nothing better then the heavinly touch of another person. Everyone has a touch, but im here to make it heavinly. You never want to try kino on somebody you just met, unless its very light kino. Try to always have soft hands, and soft arms, use antibacterial hand sanitizers. Having soft hands and the equipment is only half the battle, you gotta know how, when, where. Lets say you and a girl of yours are chatting it up, its going very well, so you laugh and you brush her arm. Or your walking down the hall of your school or work, and you see somebody you know, you lightly put your hand on their shoulders and say hello and just leave. This can cause the cat-mouse affect. Im gonna list a few examples of how and where to do this.

• You see a group of people hanging out, you see a girl that you know, walk up to her, lightly put your hands on her shoulders and lay your head beside her neck and say hello.

• Your just talking, and your behind then and u casually run your hand down there arm, slowly, or even their back.

• Also, doing little things like “can I see your necklace” and you brush their neck in the process. Or, “can I see your watch” little things like that can help abunch to. I guarantee results from this.

• As well, I dont really suggest using kino at the exact moment of meeting someone, you must both share some sence of rapport.

• You can read my article on kino for more...

Eyes- Ok fella’s, if your like me, then when you used to talk to someone, you would look at the area between the nose and mouth so you could see their whole face. Ok time to change that, time to stare into their eyes, not like stalker stare, but like a calm collect, normal look. Try staring in one eye at a time, they will notice it, if they do it back, then that girl is yours. Doing this can really help you a lot.

Smiling- Always keep a smile on your face, always see the glass as half full. Always keep a positive attitude, never a big cheese smile, but your James Bond smile ya know. This makes them feel like your easy to talk to , like your just Don Juan.

Little extra tip: This sord of a flirting tip and sord of not, but its gotten me laid with 100% accuracy.

Everytime your with a girl and your alone, PRETEND to have sex with her, like if your both on the couch and she jumps on you, start humping her, but try to make it seem like your having "Fun" and not trying to seduce her or anything and its simply just pure-hearted fun.

It has given me 100% accuracy, never miss.

Few things to remember :

• Always keep the flirting at a some-what sexual level, this is what flirting is for in the first place.

• Keep it light and humorous, but when the time comes for it, DO NOT be afraid to step it up a knotch and do something outrageous.

• NEVER be afraid to come back to a sexual comment that your significant other, or woman your trying to pick up, just made.

• Your a man, so act like one.

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