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Girls That Are Taken
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Girls That Are Taken 

By: Freebird


   **Disclaimer- this is for those who are genuinely interested in a girl beyond what’s in-between the thighs.**

a girl is taken, why make it harder on yourself to get laid? Go for a single girl and relieve yourself from the stress you’d go through attempting to lay a taken girl. Now on to the good stuff. 


Hypothetical situation: You’re at the club chillin with some buddies. You notice this girl a couple tables over keeps checking you out. You excuse yourself from the group and make your way over to her. You hit things off and dance and talk for a while. You exchange numbers and everything seems fine. She seems interested in you and has been giving you signs. Until she calls you up one day and says the words, “There’s something you should know.” First thing that pops into your head might be, she has a STD, or is really a male. “I have a boyfriend.” Words of doom, right? Wrong.


Whereas most guys would quit right here, you know that just because a girl is taken doesn’t mean that you don’t have a chance. A popular quote that fits this nicely is, “Girls are like soccer. Just because there is a goalie, doesn’t mean you can’t score.” Now onto the situation.


So you’re genuinely interested in this girl. You guys have some things in common and can talk about a lot of things, without the conversation actually being meaningless. You want to see if there is something between the two of you. So here’s what you know you have to do. You first must find out how long they have been dating, if they are seriously dating or casually dating, you must truly evaluate the signs of interest she has been giving you, etc. If a girl is dating someone and is very happy and serious with them, it is very highly unlikely that they will be easily swayed. Not to say that it cannot be done, but it is highly unlikely. The time of dating does not really matter, unless if it is an extreme. Girls who have been dating the guy for a short time or a long time, may actually be easy to sway. Girls who have been dating a guy for a mid amount of time may still be going through certain stages of their relationship. If a girl is not happy with the relationship, she wont come out and say it directly. But you’ll be able to tell. She will act like the relationship is more of a chore than something good. Some girls will even put down their boyfriends. This is basically telling you that you have a good chance of getting her.


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