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How to show you are interested


This is a little bit more tricky with girls that currently have boyfriends. The thing with girls is that they can see through male bullshit. So if she catches on to the fact that you are trying to break her and her boyfriend up, she will most likely think you are a jerk and wont want you for anything more than a friend. So how do you show interest without getting caught? You want to do it subconsciously. By making comments like, “If I were your boyfriend, I would/wouldn’t do that to you.” Girls will pick up on this, even if they don’t realize they do. When you are hanging out, a little touch always works too. It will show her that you are comfortable enough with contact. Most guys who are interested in her but don’t know how to approach it, will be afraid of contact, for fear of her getting the wrong(right in this case) idea. Random phone calls and texts will also help you in this case. If you call her randomly, not to talk for hours, but just to say Hi, she will realize that she was on your mind. It will also put you on her mind. It will show her that you can take a second out your day to call her or text her. This will mean a lot to her.


So you’ve shown her you’re interested and you notice signs that she is interested in you, but how do you get her to make the move of breaking up with her boyfriend? You can’t. This is solely in her position. If you press her to make the move, you could come off the wrong way, or her boyfriend may get mad and realize what you’re trying to do, and then you’ll be out of a girl and have a mad boyfriend. So basically you want it to look like she made the choice to do it. Plant the seeds of interest and let them grow.



-Find out if she is content with current relationship. If there are signs of shakiness, go ahead with it

-          Hang out with her and let her know that you are interested without directly coming out and saying it.

-          Randomly call her or text her just to get you on her mind. The more she thinks about you, the better.

-          Hang out with her a couple times a week. Make sure to do fun things. The more time she spends with you, the more time she has to build interest in you and the more time she has to lose interest in her boyfriend.

-          Let her make the choice to leave her boyfriend, so that way you don’t come off like a jerk and lose a girl or get a mad boyfriend on your ass.


Some guys will claim “If she goes behind her boyfriends back with you, she will do the same with you.” While this claim may hold some truth, its not entirely true. She wasn’t getting enough from her boyfriend to keep her interest in him. If you can get and keep her interest enough to take her from a boyfriend, you should not worry at all about her doing the same to you. After all, she is just another girl.

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