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How I escaped out of Prison 

By: Derek Vitalio

A lot of guys have trouble getting started with seduction. They have trouble building momentum in going out, meeting women, and building on their successes.

Heck, a lot of guys have trouble even getting out of the house!

Well, I know how you feel. I know how easy it can be to stay at home and watch television, surf the net, or kill time hanging out with a buddy.

The problem is, you most likely have a bunch of established anchors holding you in place- in other words, tempting comforts and routines that makes it so easy to be, well… LAZY.

It’s like something about your lifestyle forms an invisible PRISON around you.

Well, I’ve had the same problem myself. And I’m going to tell you exactly what I did to get out of it…

You see, at one point in my life my sex life was going nowhere. There were girls around, and I had the means to meet them – a car and a little bit of money - but I wasn’t doing anything to get out of the house. I was in the completely wrong headspace for meeting women.

But there was nothing intrinsically wrong with me (so many guys are apt to blame themselves), but it was my ENVIRONMENT that was sabotaging my goals.

Basically, I was living in a house where I had a lot of AFC behaviors linked to. The house represented my dull, shelled off lifestyle.

I was also isolated away from any city, so I had to drive thirty minutes to see girls in a target rich environment or go to a nightclub.

I finally decided to take some “extreme” action. I packed my bags and moved halfway across the country - without a job lined up - just to shake up things and make a change. And from that point on everything started clicking for me.

You see, the problem is really three-fold.

A lot of guys live in an isolated neighborhood, like the suburbs for instance, or they don’t have access to transportation. But without the visual stimulation of having attractive women around to approach on a daily basis, the vision of creating a lifestyle full of sexual abundance can easily grow cool and distant. Your social and mental isolation from women follows your physical isolation.

A second phenomenon feeds into physical isolation- distraction. Most guys have set their apartment up with 50 or more channels of cable television, instant internet access, and videogames. With so many comfortable and tempting distractions, it can become too easy to “put off for later” doing what you need to do (like getting out of the house), and lose yourself in fantasy worlds that may feed your brain, but impoverish your social life.

The third aspect of the problem is in the old anchors around you. Your probably have old habits, routines, and thought patterns attached to your sofa, your computer, and your bed that put you into the mood of falling into your same old routines of staying home, thinking negative thoughts, and escaping into fantasy time busters.

In fact, just the visual colors and patterns of your current space is enough of an anchor to set you back into your old ways and habits every time you step inside.

Isolation, distraction, and old anchors were a triple headed demon that all worked against me at the same time.

And that’s why I ended up moving halfway across the country.

At the time, I wasn’t particularly conscious of what I was doing, I just thought of it as “needing adventure” and needing to “find myself”.

But “finding yourself” – an escape out of a mental prison of sorts - is exactly what happens when you move, when you change environments. Your old anchors are destroyed and you’re allowed to start afresh, anew.

Moving to a new city or to a new apartment shakes you up. A journey physically forces you to come out of yourself and resolve hundreds of little problems, by uprooting you from your habitual setting.

A journey forces you to resolve hundreds of little issues you had to face before, and opens up new channels in your consciousness, through which fresh air and new perspective can come into play.

Have you ever had a dilemma or problem, and you decided to “sleep on it”? And the next morning a solution simple presented itself? Well, moving can be a similar wakeup call for your life.

Of course, once you make a journey, you don’t want to reproduce the same anchors and distractions in the new place. You must design your new place to support the kind of person that you want to become.

This means removing all distractions- don’t keep more than one television in your apartment, and cancel your cable subscription.

Keep a separate little laptop computer that is NOT connected to the internet for writing your seduction journal and logging all your seduction notes and tactics.

Give away your single-player videogames (online roleplaying games being one of the worst offenders) and replace them with multi-player, social games that require physical action, like Wii Sports.

Give up the TV? Give up the internet?? Hey, you WANT boredom to creep in, so that you find entertainment OUTSIDE of your private space, so that you find entertainment in social settings and with women.

Replace that old junk with a fantasy environment inside your swag pad that sets a colorful, fun, funky, or seductive mood with colors and scents. Design something that reflects the new, playful personality you’ll be building and one that will set you in the right mood when you step inside.

Now, this advice isn’t for everyone, but if you do feel deep down in your gut that you need to make a change, you should start laying the foundations for making a journey, a move, step-by-step.

And the first step is fun- make a compelling future of where you would like to be, and how you would like to live. Write it in as much detail as possible, making it at least a full page long, and make it something reasonably attainable. Then share your plan with a friend so that they hold you to it.


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