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How to Actually Succeed


By: Driver

In this article I知 going to tell you what you have to do in order to become a success with women, I wont lie it's not easy at all, but the only way to become truly successful with women is through what I知 going to tell you.

First a little background:
I got into the game a year or so ago, and spent many months reading all the free websites and even bought a few e-books, although I felt the people knew what they were talking about, they didn't seem to work and then I realised its because they are teaching you to act as someone your not.

The way to be successful with women is the over used but slightly less stressed theory of "inner game". If you can improve yourself to be a person women want then you will have success.

I hear people痴 tips and tactics and as a matter of fact in reality they don't actually work. The only way to become a player is to improve yourself. Im not going to tell you how to do that in this article because you have proabably glossed over it a million times reading other articles and advice. You can't learn how to act to have success you must learn how to BE.

So do everything you can to improve yourself as a person (in relation to being a player) and success will follow.

If your that desperate for some idea how I'll give you just a few ideas I have discovered and learnt, PLease note I知 not taking credit for these ideas or calling them my own, they are mainly what I have discovered or figured out through researching this topic. (I think it helps people more to figure this out on there own however I知 willing to help by saying what I have discovered. Like all things this should be your own self discovery you will succeed so much more if you learn it yourself).

+ Improve your appearance as much as possible, it won稚 give you instant success but you should get everything you can going for you. I once also heard someone say that: "muscles on men are like breasts on women", I thought that was a great saying, I give all credit for that to whoever said it but he is right. Also you owe it to yourself to be in good shape to give women a reason to like you!

+ Its stressed so much but is true, be confident, its so easy to just say but it is true, you just have to start to be sociable ect it will feel weird at the start but eventually will be built in your programming.

+ Be fun and exciting, (it should be obvious but apparently not) its so important to STAND OUT, if your like everyone else what on earth do you have to offer? Why should a woman go out with you rather that anyone else?

+ My final advice is in someway be better, a cut above the rest, have some quality that makes you you and bring it out for the world to see.

Remember treat this as your own self improvement not as a way to impress women. That will follow this after you have started improving yourself. This is an ongoing part of your life I still have a long way to go myself and in reality it should never end as we should always improve.

I知 showing you a road it痴 up to you to walk it.

False Time Constraints- Don Charlie

What are they? How are they used? Can you give me the details?

Well, now-a-days, it is nearly impossible to approach a girl that is rolling solo. Almost all the time, a woman will be accompanied by one of her close 'girl' friends. This really applies to social places like the movies, the mall, or any other social gathering. Rare is it to see a girl be alone at a social event.

So what does this have to do with false time constraints? Well when a girl is out with her friends, doing there thing or whatever, they are usually having a good time, and if one gets approached, the other one blocks for the one being approached, and if that one gets the approached, the other one blocks for her. It is a very common thing that happens when appraoching women. They most of the time, dont want their friend being pulled away from them, are jealous there not getting approached, thus the other girl realizes this and totally shuts you, the aproacher, down.

How do you get around this though? How do open up to these girls?

A very sweet technique I use, is to imply a false time constraint.

When you approach the group of women, or just the couple of girls, approach them with an opener such as " hey, i dont want to take too much of your time, but me and my friend were wandering...blah blah" and proceed with your regular opener.

When a group women hear, "i dont want to take too much of your time, but" they assume that the conversation will not last longer then a minute, theres no real threat that you might try to pick one of the two (or more) up. So, at the same time their bitch shields are being lowered, and they open up A LOT more to you when they think that theres no harm to be done.

It is definatley possible to approach groups without a FTR, but its just SO much easier to use one, especially if the girls are having a great time amongst themselves, which they usually are.

I have had many "one minute questions" end up being hours of conversation and rapport, and topping it off with some sweet sex.

I really apologize for the shortness of this article, but thats REALLY how simple and how easy this technique is.

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