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How to Approach a Woman

By: Don Charlie


Youíre finally ready to approach a woman, but you donít know how. Well what Iím going to tell you may shock you, so get ready. You donít need to know fancy pick-up lines to approach women! Hereís your typical ďplayerĒ:

Player: Whoa momma, your feet must be tired, cause you been runningí through my mind all day

Woman: Eww gross get away from me.

Sad isnít it?


When you are approach women, there is NO reason to be afraid. They shit sitting down just like you do. Just be practical about your approach. Women arenít as stupid as they look (big shocker). They will know most of the time if you are trying to pick them up or not. So just be casual, because it is proven that the less a woman knows about your agenda, the better your success.

How do you approach a woman, but at the same time, not let her be wise on your scheme to pick her up?


Hereís an example of a practical approach at a book store with an employee

Me: Hey, can I ask you a really fast question?

Her: Sure

Me: This is my first time in here and I need some help picking out a book. What do you recommend?

Her: Well, what do you like?

Me: Anything suspenseful, or a mysteryÖyou look sort of familiar, what college do you go to?

(I say this, because she canít answer yes or no, she has to have an open ended question)

Did you see what I did there? I applied to her personal interests. A girl isnít going to be in a bookstore unless she loves books. So, itís a good guess to say that she likes books and will be more then anxious to help find something for you. Then I changed bats on her and asked her an open ended question. Now you have her hooked in a conversation.

People LOVE talking about them, so as long as you keep the conversation on them, keep it funny, then your good as gold.

Here is another example of an opener Iíve used at a park.

Iíll see a woman doing some pretty fast walking and I will walk up next to her, keeping up to her.

Me: Going somewhere important?

Her: *giggles* no, just trying to burn off these love handles

Me: Get outta here, I didnít know they made clothes smaller then 0

Her: haha, girls got to do what girls got to do.

Me: Haha, yeah, so whatís your name?

Blah blah blah

Just be casual, donít be afraid to initiate a NORMAL conversation with a woman ever.

Letís face it. The majority of the population of guys are too busy being e-pimps on myspace to actually have real interaction with women. So women are starved of actual conversation. Go up to here and talk to her like youíve known her for years. Be casual, and remember, have fun with it!

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