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 How To Approach And Meet Women

By: Nick Shane

Guys always get REALLY anxious when it comes to approaching women. They always seem to think something awful is going to happen. The funny thing is, there are some little known secrets that NEVER fall short when approaching a woman and the greatest part is I have perfected and taught ALL of them.

We all have fears in life for a reason.

Take a fear of water for example. Some people are scared of water because they have had a terrible experience with it. Some of them might have practically drowned, others might have been attacked by a shark and some might have just choked when drinking water.

Now take a fright of approaching women. At some point in your life you became very self conscious or someone rejected you and you found it very embarrassing and upsetting.

Maybe you had a crush one a girl in high school and she stood you up for prom. Maybe you fell in love with a woman at work and when you asked her out, she told you she just wasn't attracted to you.

Bad experiences will leave their mark on you. And if you never really had any excellent experiences with women either, then you will just beat yourself up. So we need to change that right now.

So if you still feel nervous talking or approaching women, have a look at it from a different point of view: The reasons why most men don't approach women are always the same:

What if she doesn't like me? I don't want to look like a loser. I will feel very bad about it if I get rejected again. What should I say in the first place?

Dude, listen!

At some point in your life, it will be too late to make excuses for yourself. If you are pushing 81 years of age and can barely walk, then you will most definitely beat yourself up with a baseball bat for not even having tried.

But at that phase in your life, the opportunity will be over. You had your chance!

Think about this: your time is NOW... and you will never get this chance again because you only live once.

And guess what: you won't see most women you want to talk to ever again anyway if you don't open your mouth right then and there. They will just walk past you and then vanish forever.

So, the first step towards mastering the art of meeting and approaching women is to conquer your internal fear, also called approach anxiety.

Then, you will have to learn the methods and techniques that actually work when you want to approach and strike up a conversation with a woman.

Here's one of my favorites: Whenever you see a woman you would like to meet, just wait for her to walk past you. When she is close, just get her attention and to stop by saying "HEY! ... c'mere for a second"

Then say: "Hey listen ... I need a female view about something. Would you EVER ... get some guy's name tattooed on you? I'm telling you my little sister wants one bad ... not from me though *evil grin*..." and make up your own little story here.

I have tested this many many times on the street, in coffee shops, in malls and in clubs...and it works every single time.

I have done all the hard work for you...all you have to do is use it.

Now go figure!

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Wishing you all the best with women,

Nick Shane

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