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How to Avoid Rejection

By: DJ Diddy

A better question would be, how can you minimize rejection? It’s not hard actually. You just have to pick the girl that is showing the most interest via body language

Guys ask me all the time, how come I can easily leave with at the least a new phone number every time I go out. Well, it’s simple. If I see a girl looking in my direction, I build tension by holding eye contact until she breaks it. If she is a brave little girl and is playing the <i>Staring Game</i> with me, I’ll break her a smile and see how she responds. Without hesitation, I’ll attack. Why do you want to attack right away? Well, you know that feeling inside of you that says, “What if she doesn’t like me? What if she has a boyfriend? How am I going to handle this? What if….etc. etc.” No, you don’t approach right away to keep the anxiety from building, contrary to popular belief. Because at the same time she is saying to herself, “What if he approaches me? What if he just wants some ass? What should I say to him? Should I play hard to get? Is this guy a creep? What if….” You see? She is thinking just as much and as fast as you are. Approach fast and cut off her fear and her response of clamming up and raising her bitch shield before you say hello. If you attack quickly after receiving indicators of interest, you will be doing yourself and her a favor… While minimizing the chances of rejection.

Now, if you are pulling a cold approach or have already approached, notice her body language, what she is saying and how she is saying it. Perky usually means that she is a fun girl and is willing to have fun with you. If she is serious and looking all around the room, she is being annoyed and wants you to leave. Think of this as an annoying cousin who just won’t stop talking to you about his pet rock. Exit the scene quickly before she shuts you down, and you won’t be rejected… Instead, you would have rejected her. If you read her right, she will be happy you left and you will save time. If you read her wrong, she will wonder what the fuck she did wrong, and WILL approach you wanting to continue the convo… Now with her as the pursuer, and YOU will have the upper hand.

Okay, when talking to her. Maintain eye contact and talk about fun and positive things. The trick is to seem interested in her and her lifestyle without ever actually telling her. Flirt with her and see how she reacts because if she flirts back, you got a good shot at not getting rejected. If she is cold to your flirts, exit the scene. In the end, <i>you</i> will not ever get rejected if you act upon her indicators of interest and exit the scene first. You might not leave with a number every time, but at least you didn’t get five fingers across the face. An approach without a negative consequence is still boosting your success by 200%. So now that you know what to do, give it shot. You can thank me later.

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