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How to be a Pick-Up Artist (PUA)

By: Gambler

A Pick-Up Artist (PUA) is someone who has acquired the skill of seducing women who are not in his social circle. In the past, picking up a woman in a bar or club or even coffee shop is a skill you either had or didn’t have, and that was the way it would be for your whole life. Now, guys without natural ability can still learn how to be incredible with women by becoming Pick-up Artists. Here are the ways that an average guy can become a pick-up artis and general tips on how to be a pua:

  1. Join Online Communities

There are many websites which act as online meeting places for aspiring Pick-Up Artists. Free resources, advice, and forums are things which will be valuable to someone wanting to get an introduction and learn something without paying for products or training. Browsing on Google for “pick up artist” will bring up some of the most popular sites.

2. Join a Local Lair

In all major cities, from London to LA to Sydney, there are local “lairs” – groups of local guys that organize social events and come together in the interest of improving their skill with women. If you embark on the journey to becoming a pick-up artist, many of your existing friends won’t be able to help you and might even hold you back. Finding local guys that share your goals will be a more positive influence. A list of global lairs is available on the Bristol Lair website. You can find guys to go out with and learn from and will make new friends.

3. Study Theory

There are many different approaches to pick-up, and there are many different theories. Lots of material is available for free online, and most of the most famous organisations and personalities in the community – Mystery, David DeAngelo, Tyler, etc. have products available for purchase.


4. Go to a PUA training workshop or boot camp

Live training is both the best and most expensive way to learn to be a PUA. Studying from guys that get results, and who will be able to look at you and know exactly what you are doing right and wrong is very powerful. Typically you can go to a workshop/seminar which is where you get to hear the theory, or you can go to a boot camp where you will have a workshop and then be taken out into the field and use what you have been taught. A boot camp is much more valuable because of this.


5. Advice from a Master Pick-Up Artist (MPUA)

Don’t just read online forums, don’t just buy all the products, and don’t just pay for every single live training event you come across. You need to balance learning theory, applying it, and humanizing your approach. Go out and put into practice “in-field” as much as possible. You’ll learn more from 2 weeks of going out than from 6 months of theory.

The ability to seduce women successfully and almost at will is something that will make any man happy. For guys that were never good with women and were discontented with this area of their life, the change will be something that impacts their well-being, confidence, and has benefits in many areas of their life.

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