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How To Become The Alpha Male That Gets Girls

By: Derek Vitalio

Men who are not as easily manipulated by womenís sometimes confusing, annoying, or even rude behavior cause women to feel attracted in a very powerful way.

An alpha dominant male who she canít manipulate is instantly attractive to any woman.

Their state is relaxed, calm, of low energy.


Alpha dominant males always remain calm in the face of possible anger. They donít let anything phase them. They allow any perceived or overt insult to slip by and turn it around on HER.

They simply donít react in the same way a beta man would.

Many times, unshakeable men naturally recognize these fits of hers, and youíll see a sly smile on his face.

An alpha dominant male has no problem putting them in their place, and do so accordingly. They just never lose their temper while doing it. Think of James Bond. He NEVER loses it. He always remains cool.

Anything James Bond does is done with a slight smile and/or sarcastic smirk. Women cannot help themselves around a man who acts this way.

Women canít help themselves around a man that stands his ground and revels in HER femininity.

This type of man trusts himself. Heís cool about the whole thing.

When you get good at this, women will use even more types of unconscious, and sometimes conscious testing tactics to bait you into an argument or friction to see how you reactÖ to see if youíre the real thing.

Sometimes, for you, the solution to these testing tactics can be as simple as ignoring any conversational thread thatís aimed to bait you into arguing.

You have to remain in complete control. It isnít about whoís right or wrong. If she gets out of line, you have to steer her in the right direction with your reactions.

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