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How to confidently approach women

By: Gambler

 Most men fail before they have even started.  They fail in their minds.  They see a woman they want to talk to and find excuses not to do it.  They might regret it later but that doesn’t stop them repeating the same mistake over and over.  Overcoming fear of the approach is not time-consuming, but it does require a bit of effort on your part.  Here is some expert advice on how to overcome this fear.


  1. Don’t focus on the end goal.

Your goal should purely be to start a lot of interactions.  If you look at a woman and are thinking of getting a number, or sex, the pressure will be much higher.  If you just aim to start an interaction and leave at any point you like, then you can easily meet your goal.  Women can pick up on desperation, if you can go in just with the goal of starting an interaction, you seem like a sociable guy instead of a pick-up guy.  Excuses such as “she might have a boyfriend” or “but she might find out I’m bad in bed” are also overcome with this since the goal is just to start an interaction.  Doing this should have removed a lot of the anxiety.  Once you are comfortable starting interactions, you can work on the next steps.


  1. Be the “Fun Sociable Guy”

If you get into the habit of talking to people around you at all times, when the hot girl comes along, it will only be another opportunity to start a conversation.  Don’t wait for pickup situations to turn on a smile and be nice to someone, it’ll be obvious that you are only acting as a fun sociable guy.  Give your sociable muscle some work and banter with all kinds of people.  In the bars and clubs this is especially true since it will help shape the girls first impression of you.  A girl would rather be approach by someone who looks like they are fun and having fun than someone that is looking moody and checking them out.


  1. Goals and Missions

To get started right away, set yourself the goal of approaching 10 people in the first hour next time you visit a bar.  Alternatively go with a friend and see who can approach the most women and start a conversation and the loser can buy the drinks.  Find out what motivates you and put yourself in that situation.


  1. De-sensitise

It takes between 20 and 30 approaches for you to lose that fear of the approach, that’s all.  The sooner you do it the better.  This is one thing that can be done quickly with just a small amount of effort.


Once you can confidently approach women, with no fear, you’ll find that you have much more control over your love life, meet more great people, and will enjoy yourself more when you go for a night out!


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