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How To Flirt With Women

Every guy wants to know how to flirt with a woman. If you want to get her phone number and have a date with her you need to know the real secrets of flirting. Here's how it works...

You see a gorgeous woman that you want to meet and date her right? The first thing that goes through your mind is something like "so...what do I say to her?". Ahh, a nickel for every time somebody asked me that :)

Okay...How do you make sure you say the right things? What are the best lines you can use?

The golden rule of flirting is NOT to use typical pick up lines. Yeah, you heard me right the first time. Don't ever let me catch you using some overused line you picked up from a forwarded email, a magazine or a website.

They don't work.

Everyone knows what they are when they hear them and they are very, very lame! You know, chat up lines like "hey, can I have your number, I seem to have lost mine" or "wow I didn't know angels were flying so low these days".

You see, women don't like those lines because they make you look cheap. If you use a made-up pick up line from a magazine for instance, then you will not make her feel that supernatural gut level feeling called attraction.

Attraction can be TRIGGERED in any woman if you know how...and let me tell you it is NOT by using lame chat up lines.

It is possible to make a woman feel attracted to you if you know the structure behind it, and every single pick up line out there doesn't do that. That's why women think they are boring and cheap.

If you want to have the ability to flirt with women, then you will have to create YOUR OWN pickup lines. But it's not the line itself that makes a woman attracted to you, it's the makeup behind it.

So here's the deal.

If you said to a woman "Was your daddy a thief? Because I think he stole diamonds and put them in your eyes" ... it just sounds very needy, hopeless and wimpy. A woman will NEVER flirt back or get attracted to you that way.

But if you recognize the secrets of attracting women, all sorts of new doors open up for you. Here's what you should have said instead:

"So ... why do women like shiny things so much? Oh I know, because they put them in pink cereal boxes when you were little"


"How many hours do you go shopping in a week? I think you're a little shopping fanatic that loves to borrow credit cards. You are sooo bad you know that? I think we're gonna get along just great"

If you want to flirt with women and get them attracted to you, be CHEEKY!

To be honest, I can tell you from my own experience that there is NOTHING more powerful than being a cocky but cheeky lil' bastard when you want to attract women. They will tell you that you are mean, bad, have a big ego and hit you on the arm.

But guess what? They LOVE it!

So make sure you keep doing THAT from now on.

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