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How To Have Sex On The First Date

By: John Alexader



Having gone out with around thousands of women and gone to bed with hundreds over the past 25 years, I've figured out that there's nothing you can do to GUARANTEE having sex with any exacting woman.

However, by doing a few easy things, you can radically INCREASE THE ODDS of going all the way on the very first date of your relationship.

1. Meet her in a non-traditional venue.

By that I mean, don't take her to an elegant dinner or do anything else that she associates with a "date." If you do, that puts her into the same "make him wait" state of mind that she used with the last 100 guys who bought her a pleasant dinner.

Instead meet her somewhere casual, like a coffee shop or some cheap restaurant for lunch. Don't make a huge deal out of who pays for what, because again, the last 100 guys she dated paid for her food because, as was deliberately obvious to her, they were eager to get laid.

As an alpha male, you shouldn't do anything because you're "hoping to get laid." That gives off signals of desperation and destroys attraction that a woman feels.

A more attractive guy is one who gets laid all the time, so sex is no big deal to him. If a woman wants his consideration, she has to earn it. In other words, he is a challenge for her, not a definite thing.

2. Have the proper state of mind throughout the date.

You want to be comfortable and feeling sexual. (To get yourself into a sexual state, try watching porn just before the date, but don't masturbate.) And it's vital to feel comfortable. No tension.

For a woman to become sexual, she needs to feel hassle-free and horny. It is key that you feel that exact way yourself, because studies have shown that when two people are in rapport, they sooner or later match emotional states with each other.

So when you're chilling with the girl, you should feel intensely relaxed and horny, and then engage her in dialogue about neutral subjects until you see signs that she too is getting comfortable and horny.

3. Get her alone with you.

Let's say you and the girl hit it off extremely well in the coffee shop, so you then take her to a bar to get a fast drink. Things are really going well there. The conversational vibe is excellent. You see signs of her escalating sexual arousal and openness to intimacy.

Some signs of a woman's deepening sexual attraction to you include: - Sitting with her inner thigh out in the open.
- Fidgeting with her clothes. She might even undo a button or two of her shirt.
- She engages in the "triangle gaze." She'll look at one of your eyes, then another, and then at your mouth.
- You observe her stealing glimpses at your chest and even your crotch.

The trouble is you can't just say, "Let's go to my place and have sex." With women you're on a first date with, whenever you express anything sexual, it kills the mood for her and results in you sleeping by yourself that night.

Instead, bring up an innocent excuse for the two of you to go to your place. (Examples could be, "You should come listen to my 'Best of the 80s' CD" or "That's awesome that you're so good with art... I have a canvas in my living room that I'd love to get your outlook on")

Since the two of you have an "innocent" motive to be alone together, it avoids triggering the alarm bells in her mind that shriek, "Uh oh! I don't want to be a slut!"

Once the two of you are then alone, secluded at your place, you can set the scene for the seduction.

It can take quite a few hours for the woman to feel at ease enough with you at your house, so you need to be patient.

Sit on your couch and watch a film. Gradually escalate the touching. Hold hands, stroke her hair, and so on from there.

Sexually, women are like irons. They heat up gradually. Keep that in mind and don't rush things, and you'll have your greatest shot at having sex on a first date.

John Alexander is author of How to Become an Alpha Male. Learn the 7 Step Seduction System that takes you from saying "hello" to a new woman... to sharing orgasms in bed with her... in just one evening!

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