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How to pick-up a woman when she's with her friends.

By: Hypnotic

Firstly, you will never pick up a woman while she's with her friends, you can start building attraction though. In order to seduce a woman you will have to isolate. A phrase I picked up when I first learning the game was "Isolate or masturbate". This statement holds true in this situation and if you have befriended her friends you should have no problem stealing away the hot friend for just a minute. So you pull her away, so far so good. This will help keep her attention on you, and not on her friends grabbing her to dance or cock blocking like war pigs tend to do. When alone you can start to build a connection, a great rapport building question and a favorite of mine is asking what her favorite childhood memory is. Once she's told you hers you can then go into a funny story about your childhood

Rapport is nothing however without touch. Touching is crucial from the beginning when you enter the set to the time youíre undressing her. If you only begin to touch when your building comfort it can be awkward might not workout; however, if you come into the set and high five one of the girls, a little later you grab her hand and lead her away, read her palm and build from there it will be a lot easier. So how are you going to seduce a girl if she's with her friends?

Easy, you open the set and address the group, engage everyone, do not try and go after the hot girl right away. Win the group and you will have no problems advancing with you target. After you've opened and you have demonstrated value to the group you can pull her away in order to keep moving forward. You never want to stay in one phase too long, once you've attracted, qualify. If you've got sufficient value in her eyes and you tell her "Wow, your really cute...Itís too bad youíre not my type." She will be inclined to qualify herself to you, in turn making it seem like she's won you over! People want what they canít have, remember that. As you move along it might just be "too soon" if you have not build enough rapport. Her being comfortable is going to be key in allowing you to progress to where you want to go.

In light of all this, the key point in this article is isolation, without isolating your target you would never have been able to get to know her as well and she would have never realized how "different" you are from other guys.

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