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How to Pick Up Girls on the Dance Floor in Noisy Clubs

By: Gambler


Okay, so you can meet girls in the coffee shop, in a loud bar, and maybe even at the grocery store. But how do you approach a girl who can’t hear you and is dancing with her friends?

You want to distinguish yourself from the current guys on the dance floor. Do this by not making the same bad decisions that they are making. These guys are doing a couple of things that you should never do. They will be doing one of the following:

  • Standing around the girls and just watching them out while not dancing.
  • Making a sad effort to dance whilst not being into the music, but just trying to get close to the girls.
  • Grinding on a girls ass.

The result of this kind of approach is that it is a absolute numbers game. Generally you’ll only get a particular type of girl responding to approaches like this.

So now you know what not to do, how do you really pick-up girls who are getting down on the dance floor?

Here are a couple of things you can do to pick-up on the dance-floor:

  • First, have fun dancing around. Don’t try to get close to the woman. Enjoy yourself, enjoy the music. When you are a man having fun on the dance-floor, you will instantly stand out from all the other men. The women will walk away from all the other strange guys and gather around you.

You can then:

  • Mirror the girls dancing in an embellished funny way, get eye contact and force an optimistic reaction from her and then move in and dance with her.

  • Have a “dance-off” with the girl where you signal to get her to watch your moves, bust a silly little move, then point at her eagerly. If she reacts optimistically, move in and dance with her.

  • On the edge of the dance-floor with girls that are not quiet dancing, you can say “do you like to dance?” If they say yes, say “do you salsa?” and as you say it take them and start salsa’ing with them. You need about 4 salsa classes to be able to do the basic steps, which are all you need. You can rapidly escalate the physical element of the seduction from the salsa opener.

The objective on the dance floor is to dance with them, escalate physically a little bit, and then escort them to a quieter, calmer location where she is secluded and you can talk to her. Sit down or go to the bar with her.

When you have mastered dance-floor game, you will be able to pick-up women non-verbally in a highly sexual setting. It’s a rare skill and you’ll rapidly see results.

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