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How to Pick-Up women at a Party

By: Kemo


    Parties are a great place to meet women. The combination of alcohol and the nice atmosphere gives you good opportunities to take advantage of many different types of females. But how exactly are you to manipulate these women into having sex with you? You are reading the right article! Using this information, you can trick any woman into your bed.


    The first step when you are at your party is your entrance and your first impression. Before you go to the party, please freshen up. Shower up boy. But on some nice deodorant and some cologne too (nothing strong or fancy, just casual and good, see the cologne section). Make sure your hair looks good too. I normally put gel in my hair and mess with it for a while, but you do what works for you. When my hair isn’t agreeing with me, I pick out a hat THAT MATCHES what I’m wearing and put that on. Speaking of what you are wearing, make sure that you have that covered. Depending on how I feel, I could show up to a party in a t-shirt, polo, or even a wife beater. Make sure it fits well, and if you got a bad body, skip on wife beater. Ok you look good man, time to go to the party.


    You now have entered, and of course all of the babes are making first impressions of you. Are you smiling, do you know people, are you dressed well and cleaned up? Hopefully you can always say yes. Make sure you are in a good mood. Talk to people you know, talk to people you don’t know. Shmooze around and drink to loosen up. Don’t get trashed though. From the minute you show up, you should be scoping out the chicks. Make conversation with a lot of different girls.

“Man Kemo, you make it sound so easy! But how exactly do I do that?” Kids, many famous seasoned pickup artists will tell you in articles “make conversation” or “talk to that hottie” without even saying how. Honestly, the best type of openers are situational. Something happens and you make a funny comment about it to a girl. When she laughs you can introduce yourself and start talking. Or you can go over to where a group of people are talking where you know some of them, and then join in (meeting the people that you don’t know). I actually think it is pretty hard to NOT meet a girl when you are at a party. If you see a girl that looks bored, just go up and start talking. She will be happy that someone is saying something. Something like “so you come to parties to stand against the wall?” and she’ll probably smile and try to defend herself (waiting for a friend, feeling tired, etc.). Introduce yourself and start talking! If you have NO way to do an opener, the easiest one that always works is “hey”. Hasn’t failed me yet.


    So it is midnight. Everyone is getting pretty sloppy. You have created a small social circle web at the party meeting (hopefully) a good amount of prospects for the end of the night (also depends on the amount of people there and girls in general). Now there have been 2 options. You could have either hooked up with a girl IN the party (isolating her) or you are hoping to hook up with one AFTER the party. The first one is simple; if it comes along I usually take it. Most house parties have bedrooms, and if not there are always other options. Be creative. With the amount of alcohol that should be in these girl’s systems. this type of thing can happen a lot without you even trying.


    If you are instead going for a hookup after the party, the time to start looking for the chick is when the party reaches its peak and starts slowing down. You need to find a girl that A)Has given you good signs, B)Seems like you have a good chance with, and C)You find attractive (optional in some cases). Since you haven’t been hanging around her all night, you have not yet become boring to her. You can go chat her up for a while. It is time to really work in your kino. Hopefully you had been doing this all night (kino is more important than legendary techniques like cocky and funny). If you are sitting with her, get your arm around her or something. Make sure you are touching. She’ll get the message, and if she kinos back, that’s a good time. The rest should come naturally, and if you get that far, you don’t need any of my help afterwards. Seriously, well I wrote this article kind of drunk, hope it didn’t jump around too much. There is a girl sleeping on my bed from a party I was at hours ago. This SHIT WORKS!

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