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Seducing Women in the Daytime

By: Gambler

Most men limit themselves to meeting women in bars and clubs on a weekend. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could meet women all the time, every time you are out of your house. Adding the capacity to do this will increase the number of women you can seduce extremely, and the best part is, it’s easier!

Day time seductions have lots of benefits and differences when compared to night game:

  • The girls are usually on their own (they probably won’t be in the night!).
  • The girls are not used to getting hit on in this condition, so don’t have a negative attitude towards it.
  • You will be getting the real person with the real personality - most people have a persona that they adopt in a club.
  • Because you are both sober and being yourselves, any number you get in the day-time is a lot more solid.
  • Meeting a guy in the day is a lot more romantic than “the dude in the club”.
  • You meet girls that don’t ever go to clubs – a different type of girl. You also meet clubby girls too!

The process for a night-time pickup is very different, here’s what you need to do in the day-time:

  1. Start the conversation without putting too much pressure on her

The above is a necessity, if you can be funny too, then great. By pressure I mean asking her a personal question, displaying too much interest, or otherwise putting her under pressure. It needs to be extremely natural and relaxed. Canned lines and cheesy chat up lines are going to bomb. The best thing to do is say something situational, or to pace the conversation in her head. If she is looking at chicken, talk about chicken first, if she is waiting around in the cold, talk about waiting around in the cold. Examples of good opening lines would be:

Bookshop: “Do you know where the *insert favorite section here* section is? Oh you are so hired/fired as my librarian”.

Supermarket: “I’m worthless with wine and have someone coming for dinner who knows their stuff, can you recommend me a wine to go with...”.

  1. Keep on talking until she opens up you

So you have said something, the tendency now is to ask a bunch of questions. Don’t do that until she is comfortable talking to you. Do most of the conversation; follow up your opening line with something that naturally follows. Notice things about her and comment on them. Make assumptions about what she is doing. After a while you will reach a point where her body language opens up and she starts to offer more to the interaction because she has gotten used to the (admittedly strange) situation.

  1. Find Connections with her

Find things you share in common – interests, likes, and hobbies. You can get away with more private questions once she has committed to the interaction. Now you are looking for a good chance – something you could do together.

  1. Get the number

If you find a common ground, suggest you do that together. If not, use the common “we should hang out sometime”, if she agrees, hand her your phone!

Get good at seducing women in the day-time and you’ll be able to have a date every day of the week without going to packed bars and clubs!

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