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 How to Take the Edge off Sexual Neediness

 By: Derek Vitalio

There are two big obstacles you’ll face in becoming a successful seducer.

The first is always seeking validation and needing acceptance from women.

The second obstacle however is your own sexual neediness. If you’re not already having sex with a woman, you’re going to feel sexually NEEDY. You’re going to be like a thirsty man walking through the desert, and when you see that oasis you’re going to run for it like a crazy person.

That’s exactly what you DON’T want.

Rather, you want to be regularly getting pussy and having a girl to talk to in order to be working on your social skills so that you’re not pussy desperate.

You need to be getting regular lays so that you can go out and at least be somewhat detached from the outcome.

So if you’re just starting out, your first step is to get a fuck buddy stand-by.

Forget about the 10s. Forget about the 9s. Forget about your “dream girl.” Work instead on getting the plainest Plain Jane you can find, and fuck her silly.

Get a Plain Jane and make her scream. Throw her against the walls and turn her into your sex slut. Practice your conversation and vibing skills on her. Get used to being in the company of a woman.

Put your daydreams aside for now. Start at the first step. A lot of guys have huge plans to start, which is fine, but it’s like the college student only applying for the executive positions with the $200,000 salaries. You’ll get nowhere if you’re not flexible enough to start with an average chick.

Start with the Plain Jane, and start taking her to the clubs and bars so that you’re social proofed so that you can meet even more girls.

And you only need to see her twice a week, maximum. The point is not to get attached, not to get into a relationship. She’s there as booty call so that you’re practiced and confident and experienced. And if you feel guilty about that, remember your job is to open up all of her sexual possibilities and give her the most incredible sex she can possibly imagine. That’s your job, no less and no more.

The sexual neediness may still be there, but the edge will be gone. You’ll feel more confident. You’ll feel like you have momentum. You won’t feel like you’re starting from scratch anymore. You’ll have an identity as a guy who is regularly fucking and pleasuring women.

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Derek Vitalio

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