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I Am The Prize

By: Hypnotic

A huge factor when picking up is the mindset; if you have a positive mindset youíre going to get positive results and vice versa. Having the ability to frame yourself as the prize is important for several reasons:

1) After you truly believe it, you will be it
2) Success will be more common because you control whatís going on

3) It will give you a better perspective on pickup

Those are just a couple reasons off the top of my head as to why you should view yourself as the prize, now here are some of the ways to convey it to her:

Having Standards

Woman do not want a man who will take any whore that comes along, she wants someone of value. Having high standards is one way of showing her that you know what you want in life, and you are going to get it. This is attractive to a woman.

Being Challenging

Being a challenge to a woman is really what "the game" is about. People want what they can't have; knowing this simple fact, pushing someone away can ultimately bring them closer to you. Hard to get is a term often used, and it suits this situation very well; a key element in being the prize is being a challenge.

Seeking Validation

Many men get in the habit of trying to please woman, so much so that woman are actually put off by this. Itís important to be yourself in most cases; trying to suck up to a woman will only push her farther away from you. I walk around with the "I donít give a fuck what other people think of me" attitude, people validate their selves to me, not the other way around. In the course of a pickup I will challenge a girl with something like "this isnít gunna work out, your too much of a nice girl for me", forcing her to validate/qualify herself. This is my idea of being the prize, stop sucking up to people.

When you display the qualities of being the prize, woman will chase you, not the other way around. This is the type of mentality that gets guys laid, as soon as you start being the prize, youíll know what I mean.
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