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By: Don Charlie



Never ask them to come dance, think of salesman, do you think they say, would you like to buy my product? Of course they do, but those are the salesman that aren't making any money. You have to assume the sale, a salesman saying "so when do you want X product delivered?" will have a lot more success then the first, retarded salesman. Therefore, Always TELL them to come dance. Always assume the sale.

"Would you like to dance"
"come dance with me"

what do you think is going to get more results?

But a big think in clubs is when youíre dancing, you want to establish your alpha male status EARLY and fast. You want everyone there to know that youíre the man and youíre the life of the party, talk to everyone you meet.

its also about confidence, a big thing I do when Iím at a club to show status, alphaness AND confidence, when Iím dancing with a girl and we're grinding, if I see another girl lock eyes with me, ill point to her and signal her over, I hardly EVER get told no doing that, and I just usually start dancing with her.

Itís also always good to spread your seed as much as possible, when girls see you dancing with other girls they start to compete. Dance with one, make her think you like her, then do the same thing to another woman, then again, then again, trust me, they'll notice you and it only works in your favor.

Plus itís always good to know the bartenders and bouncers.

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