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Killing Two Birds with One Stone 

By: Don Charlie



Ever catch yourself approaching a girl, but the girl not only had 1, but maybe even 2, 3, or even 4 more girls with here?

It can be very difficult if your not armed with the right tools. Now, I'm not gonna go into a bit long discussion about every single tool you need to approach a group. However, I will be teaching you how to use girls against each other, play one off the other, so on and so forth.

In high-school, I was stuck behind in front of this SUPER fine girl, and I was stuck behind another, even HOTTER super hot girl. It was a Don Charlie sand-which (technically it would have been an Oreo since they were both black and I'm white).

It was a pretty lax situation, the teacher was giving us time off to study since we had a big exam the next day, so we're all just chillin' and catchin up on some studying.

Anyways, I decide I'm bored and I feel like picking up something for the weekend. So I start talking to the girl in front of me. I start flirting with her, the works. I'm doing everything perfect. BUT, something was going wrong. The conversation was slowly heading to an akward silence moment. God sent me a miracle that day. About the time of the peak of conversation, the girl behind me (I've known her since like third grade). She asks me something about eminent domains or whatever. So I take this chance. Again, I do everything perfect, She's giggaling, I'm laughing. We're having a blast, then I realize I left the girl in front of me hanging. I turn around and guess who is STILL staring in my direction? The girl I was talking to earlier.

She called me out.

"Oh so you just switch off who you flirt with?"

Being the cocky little bastard I was.

"Its driving you nuts isnt it?" I said. I ended up getting both of their numbers. I had sex with both that weekend (not at the same time unfortunatley, and I still call the one behind me about once every 2 weeks for a special 'visit').

I sat back, after some intense, life-changing sex, and I start thinking to myself, "How did I do this?" Then it hit me. GIRLS GO NUTS FOR ALL OF YOUR ATTENTION.

Fast forward to a club scene, few years later when I'm 'of age'. Two girls at a bar, I sit in the middle. It's getting kinda late, but I'm 100% positive you know what ended up happening.

I played one off of the other. I'd wait till the conversation was perfect, at the greatest point, and I'd cut them off. Its like cutting a heroin addict off cold turkey. They can't take it. They have to have more. Sept for in this case, I was the heroin.

Playing off of girls, and flirting with one, then flirting with another, causes a 'tense' atmosphere, but a GOOD tense atmosphere. The girls become competitive, they try to drag your attention, and if they don't get it, they try harder. I've had SEVERAL threesomes using this technique. I would just keep pushing the envelope until I had them both dying for my attention so much, they we're willing to sleep with other women to "win" the prize, which was me and my love stick.

It also shows status. It shows you are a man in control of your destiny. YOU GET WHAT YOU WANT, and believe me, the women will notice it.

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