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Life Lessons From Badboy

By: Badboy


1) Girls Will Not Make You Happy
Happiness is inside YOU, not in other people... or stuff that you need to buy. That is precisely what society wants you to think; to look outside yourself to others or things you need to buy for your bliss. But this can only bring temporary happiness. Most girls out there are miserable with their lives and they search for a man to make them happy. Actually they search for a joyful man, to jump into his life, and enjoy his life. That is why you must focus on yourself first, before you bring someone else in your life.

2) If You Donít Change You Will Stay where you are
this is easy. Same actions get same results. If you are not happy with what you are getting from life, itís time to change. Try anything, but donít stay where you are because it will lead you exactly to where you are now. Moving in a new course will lead to new results. ††If you do what youíve always done, youíll always get what youíve always got.

3) What Would You Do If There Was No Fear?
Can you imagine how your life would be if there were utterly no fear in it? Ask yourself, what would you do, how would you behave? Then start doing those things, little by little, to de-condition yourself from fear and reprogram yourself to do the things you really want to do. When you beat your fear, you will be FREE.

4) The Sooner You Forget Your Old Girlfriend, The Sooner You Will Find a New One
Most guys, after they break up with a girl, they think about her for months. Itís normal after long term relationships to have feelings for that girl, but the sooner you forget about her, the sooner you will find a new girl. Be aware that an end is a new beginning. Itís smart to always have a backup girl in your life, so when you break up with one girl, you can jump to the other one. That is the reason why you should always stay social and go out, no matter how hot and perfect your girl is. There is always a chance you will break up.

5) Donít Wait For Girls to Come To you
you should always be pro-active. Itís a very bad idea to stay home and think, ďItís just going to happen.Ē Thatís how girls think, because they usually play a more passive role in society. Itís written in your genes that we are the stronger sex, the hunters, the ones that make thing happen. Thatís how itís been for million of years. Donít betray your genes and evolution.

6) If You Think You Can Get the Girl, You Can
Itís very important to stay focused, be positive, and be sure that for every action you do, sooner or later you will be rewarded. Avoid negative thoughts, girls can feel it, and as soon they smell you are a ďbad thinkerĒ they will avoid you.

7) Go For Your Dreams
never forget your dreams. They will keep you motivated. There is nothing on this planet that can stop you from making your dreams come true, except you. There is nothing more important than your dreams. Life is too short to not make yourself happy.

8) Start Chasing Girls and ENJOY it
soon you will come to the conclusion that the chase is so much fun it is often times better than the actual sex is. In the long run, girls like sex more than guys do. We get bored with one girl pretty quickly and our genes motivate us to a find a new girl, to spread our semen, while girls are programmed to find that 'special one' and raise kids with him. So enjoy the chase, enjoy going out, and have fun doing it. Itís a natural instinct for us.

9) Life Is Constant Change
those who cannot adapt themselves to new environments will die. To be really successful in life and with women, you must use everything life gives you, even all your good and bad qualities. You must use all disadvantages to your advantage. Loud music, dark clubs, your hobbies... everything! Itís a skill to be trained to use everything to your advantage. Itís different way of thinking than you are probably used to but always ask yourself, "What can I do with this?" and, "How can I use this in my favor?"

10) The More You Worry About Getting Girls, The Less Success You Will Have
Neediness is a big turn off for everyone. When you want something too much, it lowers your value as a person. It means something is more important then you are. So the key is: know what you want on the inside, but be cool, like you donít care too much on the outside or that it will come easily to you. The less you appear to care and the easier things seem for you, the better results you will get.

11) Every Girl Is A Potential Girlfriend, Whether You Realize It Or Not
Everything is an opportunity. The girl walking down the street, two girls in a coffee shop talking, the girl next door. If you take what life gives you and make the complete most of it, you will find a lot of opportunities that you never imagined were possible. A new girl will come to you as a gift if you enjoy it as a challenge, make the move and beat your fear.

12) Fear of Change Will Prevent You from Changing
People are fearful of change. Most of them are zombies, and they donít want to change because of a fear of the mysterious. And of course if you donít change you will get what youíve always got. You must SEE the benefit of changing yourself and take ACTION immediately, even if it is rough at first.

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