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The Poet, the Ravisher, the Magical Connector- "The Lover" Seduction Archetype

By: Derek Vitalio



 There’s one last archetype I’d like to talk about- The Lover.

The Lover is like a portrait painter. Under his spell, all of the woman’s physical imperfections disappear. He brings out the noble qualities in women, frames them in a myth, makes them godlike, and immortalizes them.

Who says that Chivalry is dead? The Lover is the man who opens doors for women, puts his shirt down in the mud for her to cross, and takes her hand to cross the street.

The Lover shows absolute devotion to women and puts their interests before his own. He pays scrupulous attention to details to make the fantasy and sex seem lofty and poetic.

The Lover is no pushover though- he should not be confused with the “nice guy”. The Lover adores women, he loves everything about them, but he knows when to walk away from a woman rather than reward her for bad behavior.

Think of the Lover as a knight of adventure and romance, returning women to their dreams and fantasies that have been shattered and broken with age. The Lover thrives on women’s broken hearts, touching her deepest desires and yearnings, and leading her to believe in an ideal love again.

The Lover suggests something more for women to aspire to, gives them a new image to live up to, a new faith in their untapped potential, an idealization of their character. It’s his ability to bring out a starry-eyed vision of noble love that makes women fall in love.

In a world full of surface and loose connections, but lacking in deeper intimacy, Lovers thrive because they seem genuine, open, making a “magical connection” with women that seems to only happen in storybooks and fairytales.

Yet, the Lover strategically flips between the spiritual and poetic and the ravishing and carnal pleasures. It’s the mix of heaven and the hints of forbidden pleasure that make women swoon to his arms. And though the Lover makes sex seem noble and intimacy spiritual, he is playing with power, and merely disguises his strategy behind the image of an idyllic sex.

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Until next time,

Derek Vitalio

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