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Why I Respect you; AND Derek's Steps to Making A Sexual Connection with Women

By: Derek Vitalio


A lot of times we get discouraged because we are too hard on ourselves. We’re always beating ourselves up for not living up to the perhaps unrealistic goals our imaginations have dreamed up for us.

I look at it differently. You are courageous! You’ve gone into a territory that 97% of guys wouldn’t dare, just by reading up on taking control of your life with women. You looked fear in the eye and took action in spite of it. And even with just the littlest bit of knowledge you are already WAY ahead of most guys.

So how about congratulating yourself for once. You’ve already made an investment that has put you ahead of most of the guys out there, and I really do have great respect for you in that.

So don’t get discouraged. Everyone has their bad days (including me… heck, I can have bad WEEKS) and progress can’t be measured in a linear line forward. You’ll move backward, side-to-side, and get stuck in the mud along your journey.

But that’s okay. Success happens one step at a time. And although the steps don’t all follow one in front of the other, they’re still getting you to your destination. Success is a cumulative of all these little steps that eventually creates sexual abundance.

My own expertise in this area comes from me wanting to make changes in my own life, to live the life I desired, and then I wanted to share it with other people.

I’m an advocate of clear, simple, workable solutions that get you dependable results. That’s why I created the Seduction Science System to give you that helping hand.

You see, no matter how good we think we are, we need a coach to remind us to live up to our potential. What I’m going to challenge you in this program is to start exercising your will and to take action. Today you’re about to embark on a journey that can truly change the quality of your life forever.

Now I want to share with you a new program I’ve been developing, and my steps for making a sexual connection with women…

Sexual connection and comfort is the missing ingredient that allows you to convert mutual attraction into sex. Sexual connection and comfort changes her from thinking, “I want him but I don’t know him well enough” into “I want sex with him, please.”

You also need trust because she won’t be able to let down her guard and accept your commands and allow you to lead. Trust makes the difference between, “I don’t know if I should be doing this,” to “Yes, I want this.”

You also need respect from her for to her to take what you say to be real and true. Only when a woman has respect for you, can she let go and be sexually responsive to your commands.

Only with comfort, trust, and respect can a woman truly let herself go to you without resistance.

The problem is that a lot of men don’t have the comfort, trust, or respect and authority in their relationships with women.

It’s the same reason some guys have trouble with my Blissnosis program. A woman will only go into Blissnosis and follow you as deeply and as powerfully into fantasy as you have positive rapport, trust, and respect and authority with her.

And if you try to force her through the steps of Blissnosis without her enthusiastic support, you come across as a horny loser.

Unfortunately, you cannot MAKE a woman feel comfortable and connection. You cannot MAKE a woman trust you. And you cannot MAKE her feel respect for you.

For instance, as soon as you try to make a woman trust you, you behave like someone who cannot be trusted. Imagine a used car salesman telling you, “There’s nothing wrong with this car. Absolutely nothing at all! Trust me!” The first thing you’ll think is, “Okay, what’s wrong with this car?”

It’s the same thing if a woman lacks trust with you and is feeling nervous and uncomfortable. You try to relax her be saying, “It’s okay, just relax, you’ll really, really like this, trust me…” and then she immediately starts thinking, “Why? What is he going to do to me?”

The Sexual Connection Program

Perhaps you’ve just met a girl and don’t yet have her full trust. You’re looking for a way to create an incredible sexual connection that she feels exclusively with you.

Or perhaps you’re already in a relationship and your partner’s trust or respect for you is shaky at best.

The Sexual Connection Program is a two week set of rituals that you perform with any woman to sexually build up your comfort and connection, trust, and respect and authority with a woman.

Even if you already have a successful relationship, the Sexual Connection Program will bring you and your woman closer together. There can never be too much trust, comfort, and respect in a relationship.

So this program is excellent for any woman in your life- whether for getting a woman into bed the first time, for reestablishing a bond, or for strengthening an existing relationship.

Next time I’ll give you the first part of the Program, the base rituals for creating a powerful bond between you and any woman.

In the meantime, take a look at my Seduction Science System- make it the next step in your brave journey!

Derek Vitalio

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