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Neg Hits 

By: Kemo


Negs, or “negative hits”, go hand in hand with cocky and funny. What is a neg hit? All a neg hit is, is a humorous (hopefully) comment you make to a girl to make her feel slightly self conscious. Its purpose is to knock her off her pedestal, and take down her bitchy attitude.


“Oh but Kemo, why would a gorgeous girl have such a bitchy attitude?!”. Please picture this: You are a hot chick. You are getting approached by guys every single day. Each one has their lame pickup lines, like “hey beautiful” or “you look sexy” or “can I buy you a drink”. What a bunch of wimps. You get this all of the time so you dismiss these guys as losers. They don’t have any value to you because all they do is kiss your ass, so you put up a bitch shield to brush them all off. Yes, I know what you are thinking… But taking down this shield isn’t that tough, and it can be done using neg hits.

Here is a little example of how to use them… A couple nights ago, I was at a party. I’m hanging out and I see this gorgeous girl, a 9/10. She would have been a 10, but her face was slightly pink and sunburned. She definitely had her bitch shields on. At first I didn’t even talk to her, I was having fun at the party, and I started telling a couple stories to a small group of people. Eventually I had a good crowd of about 8-10 people listening to me, laughing their asses off. I was already demonstrating my value, and predictably, she came over to see who I was.

I didn’t acknowledge her till in the middle of my story. I was talking about this mildly entertaining crazy redneck woman, and right in the middle of telling how useless this woman’s bra was (it is actually a funny story, I’ll post it in the misc boards later) and I noticed that the hottie was wearing a belt but it wasn’t going through her belt loops, it was just sitting there. So I made the analogy that the bra was just as useless as her belt and people were laughing at her. It was ok though, she was smiling and laughin’ like “yea ok”. Her bitch shields were lowered a bit. SHE asked MY name, and I told her and asked hers. Then I continued.

I finished my story, and I was about to say something, but then stopped. I don’t even remember what I was going to say, but I guess I thought it over and said “bad idea”. Haha, unfortunately I wasn’t a fast enough thinker because I made a face like I was about to say something and then stopped… Right afterward I made eye contact with her. She instantly goes “what were you going to say!” I realize I can easily use this with the trick where you say “I gotta tell you something, but I’ll do it later”. I refuse to tell her, and after a little bit of playful arguing, I leave to go talk to other people.

Later in the night, she finds me again and asks me what I was going to say. I still refuse to tell her, and we keep going back and forth with it and she’s hittin’ my arm tryin’ to get me to tell her. Then some guy tries to CB me by saying “oh he’s playing hard to get, he really wants to get in your pants”. He spoke the truth. Still, I start laughing at him and go “haha really a guy like me with a girl like her”. She started laughing and hit me and goes “You jerk!”. It was all good though.

Finally I decide enough is enough. I say “you really wanna know?” and she goes “yes!”. I pull her aside and say softly “Well I just wanted you to know.. that your face is the cutest.. shade of pink in this whole party”. You should have seen her face, it got even redder (in case you don’t remember, she was sunburned). It was funny as shit though, and she ate it all up. I don’t wanna make this article on negs a field report, but soon after that I got her number.

So there is your field example of negs in use. You got to be careful though, because some girls (9s and 10s) can take more neg hits than some other girls (7s and 8s). You also don’t want to insult her. Saying “you’re a slut” is probably also something she gets a lot from angry guys, so it won’t affect her as much as an original neg hit. Here are some examples of neg hits (seriously guys, I’m straight up telling you what to say, you can thank me later).

“Hey, sorry to bother you but I just wanted to talk to the prettiest girl in the room..(pause for effect).. she’s all the way over there, so I figure I’ll practice on you first.” – My personal favorite.

“Nice nails, are they real?” when she says no you can say “Oh….well I guess they are alright then…”.

“You have the cutest little mustache!” – Oh god be careful with this, I tried it 3 times. The first one was PERFECT. The next 2 were not pretty. Taking a break with it, haha…

“You walk funny” I don’t know why, but women just can’t stand (and by can’t stand, I mean LOVE) being told this and get self conscious. It is definitely funny though.

“You talk funny” See above.

Then there is situational ones. If you see her wearing ripped up jeans, you can ask her if she was too cheap to pay for the good jeans. Or like how I did with the girl and her belt, questioning why she did that.

What ever you do, don’t ever go back to your AFC wimpy ways. She may try to get you to by saying something for you to compliment her after you’ve negged her a lot. Like “this shirt makes me look fat, doesn’t it?” For this, all you would do is look at her belly for a second, and look right in her eye and say “Well at least you still have your personality..” Bam, just like that. Hot girls don’t need compliments, they get them enough. You guys get the idea.

There’s so many ways you can neg a girl, I can’t really fit everything in here. Read other articles on C&F and Teasing to get the idea of what to do. Good luck pimping guys, and just remember, you isn’t the bitch, she is!
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