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Nice Guys Don't Finish Last, They Finish ON TOP!



By: DJ Diddy



On top of a woman that is. Because truthfully, there is nothing wrong with being nice. There IS something wrong with supplication though. That is whenever you give into the whims of a woman (and there are many) and your whole existence revolves around their happiness.

Whoever says “women only like jerks” or “nice guys finish last” is just a poor example of how a frustrated guys justify that what their momma told them to do to get the woman was wrong. See women don’t like jerks… They like masculine men. There are certain traits that they are attracted to and that’s why they are willing to cut their losses and wish they can change the “jerk” so they can have the total package. What makes you more masculine, or alpha? Uniqueness. A package traits that for billions of years all species look for when mating. Who will produce the most comfortable relationship and produce the best possible offspring. Sure lust is thrown in there too, but certain characteristics can seduce a woman better than any superficial Calvin Klein model.

- being physically fit

- self-discipline

- decisiveness

- spontaneous/adventurous

- maturity

- more responsible

- successful

- hardworking

- determined

- intelligent






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