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Nice Guys Finish Last †

By: Kemo

So when was the last time you saw a girl that was crushing on a boy that chased her around, gave her everything she wanted, agreed with everything she said, and made it obvious that he was obsessed with her? I can already answer for you Ė NEVER. Now let me tell you why.

As a guy, we have been trained to think that for us to get a girlfriend we need to be nice, caring, and considerate. In other words, become women ourselves. Now what you may not know is a secret that only a small percentage of guys are aware of (though when you actually think about it, it isnít that surprising). The fact is, women want a man! They donít want a little wuss that follows them around. They want a guy that makes them wait, a guy that doesnít dote on them, a guy that she needs to chase after, and a guy with confidence.

There are many reasons a man will end up as a nice guy. A common reason is their mothers. From birth we have been taught by them how to treat women. We learn that we need to be complete gentlemen and give a woman anything she wants. Basically treating her like a princess. Now our own mothers taught us this! If you really think it is still the best way to go then I have a question for you; how badly do you want to date your mother?

So what do you need to do? To get women you need to act like the man you really are. Donít try to win her by being a wuss and doing everything she wants for her. Donít try to win her by giving her the world. Donít even try to win her by putting on an act of confidence and playing the part of a player. You donít try at all; she should be trying to win you! Now that sounds a lot better.

So next time you are trying to get a girl, remember: You are the prize. She needs to impress you, and she is even lucky to get your time. If she asks for a favor, ask for a massage in return. If she wants you to buy her a drink, she should probably be buying yours! And next time you see a guy chasing after a woman, writing her little poems and love letters, you will be one of the only men that know Ė NICE GUYS FINISH LAST!
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