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Not your dads game anymore 

By: Dj Diddy


Let's face it... As women become more saavy, they are going to catch onto our games just as we have caught onto theirs.  I'm going to examine the age old rule... "Wait 3 Days Before Calling a New Prospect."

First, let's understand where this came from.  If you get a new girl's number, you are anxious to call, but the rule reminds you to wait at least three days otherwise you will seem to desperate.  Ouch.  Low-blow.  You get a girl's # just to find out that you have to wait half-a-week to call it.  But as the leaves do, the times have changed too.  I have found that girls that I called within 2 days are yielding better results!  You heard it here first!!! CALLING A GIRL WITHIN 2 DAYS YIELDS BETTER RESULTS!!!  Don't dismiss this news as rubbish just yet, though!  After noticing this, I asked 20 girls.  All 20 girls were random, so I could get an unbiased opinion from girls that didn't know me and didn't care to make up an answer to make me happy.  16 out of the 20 girls thought the rule was stupid.  Believe it or not, they actually said that most EVERY girl has heard of the 3-day rule and if you call within the window, it means that you are actually interested in her and not a player.  Haha.  That's right, by not following the rules of a player, you won't be exposed as one!  Haha.  The other 4 girls said something along the lines of:  "Yeah, because I might be busy and I want some space.  I don't want the guy to be too clingy."  So I developed a technique to figure out if the girl is in the 80% or the 20%.  When you get her number, ask her what is a good day to call.  If she mentions any day after the three days, then she is in the 20%.  If she says something like tommorrow or the day after next... DO IT.  I also find that whatever attraction that you built that day/night will still have a bit of a residue on her mind if you call her within the window vice outside of the three days when other things may have diminished your value.  For instance, after the three days... More guys may have pushed up on her and shown more interest in her than you.  Do you really think that your dream girl is going to wait forever for you?  NO!!!  Act quick and swiftly.  Attack now. 

Now, no rule is 100% effective.  Lucky for you, there are millions of fish in the sea... But just remember this... Just like a kid wants a particular toy, he'll want it and want it.. But you don't buy it for him until months and months later, waiting because it'll be the perfect birthday gift.  By the time his birthday comes along, he's inevitably going to want something new.  It's human nature!!! Give her what she wants now... YOU!!!
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