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Opening and Conversation Tips 

By: NeoSpartan     

Having trouble opening and carrying a conversation???????

      This is one of those things that really affects a lot of guys and, like all else, takes actual effort to fix. HOWEVER, there are a few things you can do make the learning curve less steep.

      1st and foremost having trouble walking up to girl, or groups of girls, you don’t know is usually because of fear. Which is manifested by freezeing, getting nervous, anxious, thinking all the negative things that she can say, etc…

      Now the best way to deal with this is to “force” yourself into opening to girls. This is good advice. BUT there is way of making this “jump in to the cold water” easier. You see instead of thinking, “I have to get her #”, think “I am just gonna talk with her”. That’s it, don’t make any expectations of any type of outcomes, just go talk as if you where talking with one of your friends. No pressure, no agenda, no nothing. This simple thing will get rid of the “anxiety” most people who can’t approach experience. Go ahead give this a run, and you will see how easy it will be to talk to girls. Because since you are not putting pressure on yourself of getting her #, nor you are expecting an outcome.

      As a matter of fact you will find that the conversation will go smoothly and very natural.

      Remember, you can’t just read it, think about it and then BOOM!! Its Done. No, you have to get out there start up short 3-5minute conversations in every opportunity. This can happen anywhere fellas….. remember no pressure just talk.

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