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Out of the Friends Zone  

By: Kemo

 Ending up in the friend zone plain sucks. Seriously! If you don't know what the friend zone is, then you are about to find out. The friend zone is a hypothetic group that girls place you in. That is right, girls sort you out without you even knowing about it. What are the benefits of the friend zone? Unless you enjoy comforting a girl while she cries to you about her recent guy problems, getting absolutely no sexual play from her, and being her "emotional tampon" (as superman calls it)… none. Nothing good comes from it, and this zone is not a fun one to be in.

Entire books could be written on this subject, but right here right now you are getting your little crash course. So lets start with signs you are in the friend zone.


-You listen to her complain about other gusy

-You don't do anything sexual/physical with her

-She calls you a "friend"

-You seem to always be calling her, not the other way around

-You call more than twice a week just to talk

-You find her panties in your best friend's room


You get the idea. When she is treating you like one of the girls, or even worse, as her special friend that she cries to all of the time, you ARE in the friend zone, whether you like it or not. Never fear though, Kemo is here to get you out.


The first step is to quit being such a pussy. You've read the site, you've read the articles, start applying the shit. I don't care how long you have known a girl, you can always start and show her you have changed. Don't even tell her about a change, actions speak louder than words.

Next, make it known that there are other females in your life. Sure, jealousy is far from attraction, but it can trigger it when done right. Don't flat out say that you are banging lots of chicks, just drop a name here and there, make sure she knows that you get out and flirt with other girls, which leads too my next point…


GET OUT AND FLIRT WITH OTHER GIRLS. The one you like probably isn't even that perfect anyway. Find a bunch of other girls and you will soon see that she ain't all that. The hottest girl in one room, is the ugliest in the next, so explore a bit. Make a big list of all of the flaws with the girl you like and realize that she probably sucks donkey dick.


Stop giving her attention. No more calling on your part. If she doesn't call you, then fuck her, move on and a month later call her up and be a complete player. That is when you catch her. DON'T GIVE IN TO TEMPTATION. Everyone thinks their situation is different, and it is ok to call. They start getting paranoid about what the girl is doing, and after a day or two, give in and see what's going on with the girl. Please don't be that guy. That guy that keeps on supplicating to her needs and giving her attention even though he knows it isn't going to get him anything.

Finally the last thing is don't go back to your shitty ways. Keep up all of your shit until you actually do something with the chick, and even then don't go back to being a wuss. She will try to break you down, and try to make you revert back to your pussy personality, but in the end, if you don't, you will be passing one of her biggest tests to see how much of a man you are. BE THE MAN.

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