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Why Does Making a Woman Smile Feel So Darn GOOD
By: Derek Vitalio

Why are having social relationships with women the #1 dynamic in what makes us happy?

Itís in our programming.

For millions of years we roamed around in undersized bands of ten to fifty persons.

Imagine if you were discarded from your group- youíd be left out on your own to locate your own food and shelter by yourself. It would mean almost certain death.
Three Laws of Attraction Every Guy Has to Know

By: James


"Attraction is not a choice."
-David DeAngelo

Interesting quote, but what does this signify to us guys? In short, women are accustomed to respond to certain signals, traits, and physical characteristics. It is not that they CHOOSE to be attracted to bad boys, or athletes, or wealthy businessmen. Rather, evolution has conditioned them to be attracted to these types of men, because they carry out the right actions and behaviors that send off attraction signals in women's brains. Talk about having chemistry!

Derek Opens a Big-Booty Babe at Pollo Tropical
By: Derek Vitalio

I was at Pollo Tropical the other day when I spotted an incredibly hot woman sitting and eating with two of her lady friends.

She was maybe in her 30s, with blonde hair, and an incredible butt. You know, a skinny leading into massive hips and a behind that made her pants so tight they were about to burst at the seams. She had a real freak of a body, and in just the right away.

Rate These 3 Seduction Scenarios from Best to Worst

By: Derek Vitalio


Letís do a small exercise. Rate these scenarios from best to worst, 1 being the most horrible and 10 being the most blissful.


Is the money the secret to happiness
By: Derek Vitalio

Falling in love is usually rated as the strongest source of positive emotion. People report euphoria, excitement, affection, contentment, laughing.

Research shows that the more sex someone has, the happier he or she is (for both men and women).

The stronger ties to friends someone has, the happier he or she is.

Research shows again and again that the most important factor in happiness is having good interpersonal relations, with friends, family, and lovers.

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