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Steps to Seduction

There are a few steps to building seduction that must always be complete before you get in the sack.  These steps range from things such as just approaching the woman in question, to doing things such as building rapport, trust, etc.  Here are a few essential steps that will at the very least make the seduction process easier!

How To Get a Girls Phone Number

By: Paul Janka

How can you walk up to a total stranger and have the courage to ask for her telephone number? You’ve barely known this person for two minutes and already you’re assuming she’ll give you her number? That’s exactly right. Learning how to pick up women requires being direct, yet creating an air of mystery. By creating the circumstances that arouse her intrigue but not her suspicion, the beautiful woman in front of you will do just that.

How To Deal With Other Guys

By: Christian 

Hey guys, another aspect about picking up women that most people overlook is dealing with other dudes. I want to put down a few of my thoughts here; we can expand in more depth later.

How To Improve Your Skills With Women

By: Christian

Finding yourself trapped on the path to getting better with women? Good. I had lots of stumbling blocks too. I’ve discovered that becoming unstuck is always a matter of addressing one of the following seven issues:

How To Approach Women

By: Simon

Here's the attitude you should have if you really want to be successful when it comes to dating and meeting women.

Firstly, take all the things that your mom & dad ever taught you about how to treat and date a woman and do the exact OPPOSITE!

It's not a secret anymore that even though a woman persistently says that all she wants is a nice, sweet, and caring guy in their life, often times they're actually lying to themselves – without them even realizing it!

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