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What Single Women Hate!
By: James


The reason why weíre starting with this topic is that at least 95% of men strike out with women in the first 3 minutes of talking to her.

They donít even realize it, but they have made mistake after mistake and that leads to a total lack of attraction from the women they have met.

Do NOT do these things.

Many of them will sound familiar to you, but it is time that you learned not to do them.

Use the Fated Encounter for First Date Seduction Success
By: John Alexander
Wouldn't it be nice if you could generate feelings within a woman of a deep connection with you... even if you two have known each other for only a small amount of hours... and without having to resort to complex (and risky!) hypnosis strategies?

The Big Approaching Women Myth
By: Thundercat



Today, I'm going to talk about something that's very important.

I'm about to expose the biggest LIE you can tell yourself about meeting and approaching women women.

Seriously, this lie can keep you from ever achieving the kind of turbo-charged social life you fantasize about.

You prepared for it?

Okay, here it comes...

What You Can Learn From Strippers About Picking Up Women
By: Derek Vitalio

Normally, we only think of men as studying advanced seduction psychology and techniques for picking up women.

Well, thereís a whole class of women who work on their seduction and pick up skills as well Ė in fact, seduction is the basis of their entire livelihood.

Iím talking about strippers and exotic dancers. And believe it or not, the advice I give you guys is almost identical to the advice I give to girls who are dancers.

Now, strip clubs arenít really my thing Ė as soon as you pay, you become a customer. And while I enjoy conversation, I donít like yapping it up with a dancer and keeping her from her paid work.

How to Call A Woman and Ask Her Out

By: David DeAngelo


I have a question for you...


When you get a hold of a woman's number and you're picking up the phone to call and "ask her out", does it trouble you?


Do you get anxious?


Do you get nervous?


Do you start thinking about precisely what you're going to say, how you're going to say it, how to deal with her rejecting you... etc.?


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