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How To Make Women Laugh
By: Derek Vitalio

A lot of guys ask me how to be funny. After all, women all the time say they want to meet a guy who “makes them laugh”. The trick to being funny is forget “funny” and just be playful. If you’re playful, a girl will laugh. And the reason girls want to laugh is because they want to feel easy COMFORT around you. And one of the easiest ways to being playful is role play silly little fantasies in your conversations with a girl.

To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, here are some playful role playing interactions that I had on the phone with a girl.

How To Keep a Beautiful Woman

By: Derek Vitalio


If you want your woman to be sexually wild and responsive to you in bed, it’s necessary to be radically honest with your woman, with your feelings, with your present activities, and with your future plans.

If your dream is to have a threesome with her, you need to tell her. If you want her to learn to deep throat you, you need to tell her.


You Are Hitting Roadblocks in Your Game- Is Feminism to Blame
By: Derek Vitalio

Many guys out there looking to win with hot women blame feminism for their difficulties in getting laid.

The idea is that feminism has made women fat, not care about their appearance, dress dumpy, not wear makeup, and not take care of themselves in general.

The other idea is that feminism has given women so much power that women can’t be easily approached, and when a guy does an approach a woman, she’ll just shoot him down.

How To Get A Womans Phone Number and Email in 3 minutes

 By: David DeAngelo


If a woman is single, I can walk up to her and get her number in about a minute or two (if I'm in a hurry). I found out later, after running like a mad scientist on this that GETTING PHONE NUMBERS ALONE DOESNT'T EQUAL THE AMMOUNT OF SUCCESS YOU HAVE WITH WOMEN.

The Ravisher The Bad Boy the Director and the Giver

By: Derek Vitalio


When you’re in bed with a woman, there are four main identities you can take on when making love.

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