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Your Pleasure Comes First

By: Derek Vitalio


A lot of guys think that learning techniques and positions is what matters most in being a great lover. But they couldn’t be more wrong.

The FIRST thing you need to master in the bedroom, before anything else, is how to be a dominant MAN in bed, and not an average Joe.

Average Joe believes that a woman wants a man to respect her in the bedroom.

Average Joe believes that a woman doesn’t want to get fucked, but that she wants to “make love”.

Average Joe believes that men and women have to act equally in the bedroom in every way.

Average Joe makes sure she’s not uncomfortable at any point.

Average Joe always asks for permission before trying anything new.

And Average Joe convinces himself that he’s found a “good girl” who doesn’t like to do all those “other things”.

But Average Joe isn’t the bad boy that women sexually fantasize and get off to.


Do You Need a Coach To Learn Seduction

By: Derek Vitalio


In a sense, we are trance machines. You go to a club and you want to approach a woman and you keep running the same stubborn trance inside your head over and over like a broken record- “What do I say?” or, “She’s obviously busy with her friends.” And so on. Or maybe you’re ass is just fucking frozen there.

That’s why sometimes you need a COACH.

I use coaches when I need them. And I invest good money in myself.

But they’re WORTH it.


How to Take the Edge off Sexual Neediness

By: Derek Vitalio


There are two big obstacles you’ll face in becoming a successful seducer.

The first is always seeking validation and needing acceptance from women.

The second obstacle however is your own sexual neediness. If you’re not already having sex with a woman, you’re going to feel sexually NEEDY. You’re going to be like a thirsty man walking through the desert, and when you see that oasis you’re going to run for it like a crazy person.

That’s exactly what you DON’T want.


How to confidently approach women
By: Gambler
Most men fail before they have even started.  They fail in their minds.  They see a woman they want to talk to and find excuses not to do it.  They might regret it later but that doesn’t stop them repeating the same mistake over and over.  Overcoming fear of the approach is not time-consuming, but it does require a bit of effort on your part.  Here is some expert advice on how to overcome this fear.
How to stop women from Flaking

By: Savoy


Now we’ll discuss how to make sure she shows up in the first place and doesn’t "flake"
First, ask yourselves this:
* Have you ever made plans with a woman and not have her show up?
* Have you ever gotten a phone call earlier that day telling you that she "has to work" or "isn’t feeling well"?
* Have you ever made plans with a woman and then she told you to "call to confirm"
If any of that applies to you, you need to really pay attention here. This will banish flakes forever.

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